Sparks Law Firm Highlights Ways a DWI Attorney Challenges DWI Charges

Sparks Law Firm Highlights Ways a DWI Attorney Challenges DWI Charges
Sparks Law Firm is a highly qualified team of attorneys representing clients charged with DWI in Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. In a recent post, the legal team shared ways qualified attorneys fight for justice in DWI cases.

Fort Worth, TX – In an exclusive website post, Sparks Law Firm highlighted ways a Fort Worth DWI lawyer challenges DWI charges. The company encouraged clients to contact a lawyer right after being arrested to maximize the chances for better outcomes.

A lawyer fights for the client’s rights by challenging the accuracy of the lab results. The team noted that laboratory equipment often malfunctions due to improper maintenance, providing unreliable results. An experienced attorney also works with expert witnesses to prove the unreliability of the test results. This gives a DWI attorney Fort Worth the grounds to fight for a client’s best interests.

A lawyer also goes through the police reports to identify errors. They explore different aspects, including whether the police had a valid reason to ask the client to pull over or to perform sobriety tests. The team pointed out that an experienced lawyer can identify gaps in the reports, leading to charge dismissal.

The team stated that a DWI lawyer could also validate a client’s appearance or behavior. For instance, they can claim that a driver was fatigued and not intoxicated. If the police arrested the driver for bloodshot eyes, an experienced attorney can fight for justice by stating other irritants as the cause.

In addition, they said that a DWI attorney in Fort Worth uses their strong negotiation skills to represent a client’s best interests. When negotiating with a local prosecutor, they can identify inaccuracies and inconsistencies in a case. It enables them to tear down the case against their clients.

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