International Medical Aid (IMA) Offers Unparalleled Surgical Shadowing Opportunities Through Award-Winning Pre-Med and Pre-PA Internship Programs in Kenya

A renowned organization that provides medical internships and aid in underserved regions offers exceptional surgical shadowing opportunities through Kenya’s award-winning pre-med and pre-PA internship programs. Interns gain invaluable insights into various medical specialties, witnessing complex surgeries up close. IMA’s transformative experience prepares aspiring medical professionals for their future careers while positively impacting underserved communities.

International Medical Aid (IMA) is excited to announce the incredible surgical shadowing opportunities available through their award-winning pre-med and pre-PA internship programs in Kenya. These programs allow interns to witness complex surgical procedures up close and gain invaluable insights into various medical specialties.

The Summer 2022 class of interns at IMA’s flagship site in Mombasa, Kenya, represented a diverse group of talented individuals from 142 institutions and 17 countries, selected from a highly competitive pool of thousands of applicants. Among the vast array of activities and learning opportunities, IMA’s surgical rotations stood out as one of the most coveted and transformative experiences.

Melina Masselli, an intern with IMA, shared her joy during her time in Kenya. “Today was incredible. We watched four surgeries, one of which was an entire craniotomy! The neurosurgeon in the craniotomy allowed us to get so close to the procedure and bombard him with questions. This experience was unparalleled; I saw more today than I could have hoped in my five weeks here.”

Interns participating in IMA’s surgical rotations can observe various procedures, including orthopedic surgeries, neurosurgeries, ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat), and trauma surgeries. The hands-on learning opportunities and the chance to interact with skilled medical professionals enhance the interns’ understanding of medical practices and the complexities of surgical interventions.

Dr. Shazim Bagha, MD, a senior faculty member at IMA, commented on the significance of these surgical rotations. “We believe in offering our interns an all-encompassing experience transcending the traditional classroom setting. Our surgical shadowing opportunities provide a unique chance to witness the dedication and expertise of medical teams in real-life scenarios, preparing our interns for their future careers in medicine.”

In addition to surgical rotations, IMA’s pre-med and pre-PA internship programs also include vital community outreach initiatives. Recently, interns conducted a Hygiene Education Session at the Maweni Primary School in the Nyali neighborhood of Mombasa. The session aimed to educate students about practicing good hygiene habits, emphasizing proper tooth brushing and hand washing techniques while incorporating interactive activities to engage the young learners effectively.

Moreover, IMA organized a Mental Health Awareness Clinic at Khadija Secondary School in the Kisauni neighborhood of Mombasa. The clinic featured engaging discussions led by IMA interns and psychology experts from Coast General Hospital, shedding light on various aspects of mental health and offering valuable insights into coping mechanisms. Through such initiatives, IMA strives to break mental health stigma and encourage young individuals to seek psychological assistance when needed.

International Medical Aid (IMA) remains committed to providing exceptional learning opportunities and medical aid in underserved regions. With their award-winning pre-med and Pre-PA internship programs in Kenya, aspiring medical professionals can embark on a life-changing journey that combines surgical shadowing with meaningful community outreach.

Individuals can access the website for more information about International Medical Aid (IMA) and their transformative internship programs.

About International Medical Aid (IMA):

International Medical Aid (IMA) is a renowned organization that offers medical internships and aid in underserved regions worldwide. With a mission to provide invaluable experiences to aspiring medical professionals, IMA organizes award-winning pre-med and pre-PA internship programs, allowing interns to gain hands-on experience while positively impacting communities in need.

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