Whispers of the Dunes: A Tale of Courage, Magic and the Fate of a Kingdom By Amin Baki

“Whispers of the Dunes” by the award winning author Amin Baki sounds like an intriguing and unique mystical story that combines elements of legend and myth. Amin’s journey from being a self-employed civil engineer to realizing his dream of becoming an author with the support of his family is inspiring.


Amin’s own journey of writing this epic tale involves the mystical and spiritual journey of a king, who is in search of three warriors that were chosen by the divine through a prophecy, to join him in a final battle against the evil forces that are threatening his kingdom. This is indeed a unique and mystical story, and it combines multiple legends and myths. Amin brings the characters in the book to life, and you will be with them every step of the way on their journey, right up to the final battle.

This book represents our own inner demons and explores the concept of battling our own negative thoughts, fears, and emotions as a way of becoming stronger and more resilient in the face of external challenges. Join Amin as he shares this exciting story of bravery and perseverance while facing terrifying demons, seen and unseen. 

Whispers of the Dunes is available on Amazon.

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