KFC and Pizza Hut: Savoring the Spirit of the Asian Games in Hangzhou

Hangzhou, the capital of China’s Zhejiang province, has been gripped with excitement and anticipation as the city plays host to the 2023 Asian Games.  Yum China, the Official Exclusive Supplier of Western Food Catering Services for the event, has contributed to making the games a success, offering excellent service, delicious food, and fostering closer connections between the games and the community.

The Asian Games in Hangzhou has served as an opportunity to showcase the rich culinary culture of the Jiangnan region. KFC introduced the Ding Sheng Cake, a traditional local treat available in three distinct flavors: Longjing tea, sweet red bean, and creamy taro. Not to be outdone, the Longjing Tea Mochi ice cream featured Longjing tea powder, which is sourced from Hangzhou and is celebrated for its rich and enduring tea aroma. Meanwhile, Pizza Hut integrated Hangzhou’s famous “Longjing Shrimp” into their pizzas and pasta, unveiling the Hand-Peeled Longjing Shrimp Pizza and Hand-Peeled Longjing Shrimp Pasta. These dishes are a masterful blend of Eastern and Western culinary traditions, capturing the essence of Longjing tea and Italian flavors.

Yum China also made its mark by selecting over 200 employees from all over the country to serve at this major sporting event. Among them were five “angel employees” with special needs. These dedicated staff members underwent rigorous selection and extensive training to ensure a seamless dining experience for athletes and spectators. By participating in the Asian Games, they not only showcased Yum China’s excellent service but also got to experience a once in a lifetime sporting occasion.

Xiao Yin, a gifted artist among KFC’s “angel employees,” used her talents to create a remarkable collection of Mid-Autumn Festival-themed postcards for participants of the Asian Games. These thoughtfully handcrafted postcards were made available, free of charge, at both the main media center and the KFC restaurant located within the Asian Games Village. 

The uniqueness and artistry of these postcards immediately caught the attention and captured the hearts of athletes representing nations as diverse as Japan, South Korea, and Malaysia. The athletes were delighted and impressed upon learning that these Mid-Autumn postcards were created by a KFC “angel employee”. They eagerly sought interactions with KFC staff, sharing smiles and capturing memorable moments through photographs.

In addition, Yum China has promoted and celebrated the Asian Games through various marketing initiatives. For example, KFC and Pizza Hut introduced limited edition packaging nationwide, featuring the Asian Games mascot and theme slogans, immersing customers in the spirit of the games.

KFC also organized a range of engaging marketing activities to support the Asian Games. Their Super APP featured the “Asian Games Cheers Station” campaign, allowing users to collect electronic badges and enjoy discounts while standing a chance to win KFC’s exclusive gold commemorative medal.

KFC and Pizza Hut, both renowned for their outstanding service, delicious food, and creative marketing, exemplify Yum China’s dedication to enriching the Asian Games experience for everyone, blending global tastes with local charm.

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