Modern Student Accommodation York Addresses Concerns Over Rising Rent Costs For University Of York Students

Modern Student Accommodation York Addresses Concerns Over Rising Rent Costs For University Of York Students
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Modern Student Accommodation York (MSAY) is actively addressing issues related to rising rent costs for University of York students. MSAY offers affordable housing options, rents punched with utility bills, and collaborates with local institutions to ensure accessible, quality accommodation for students. They also provide advanced security measures for a seamless stay. MSAY is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for students.

York – 17 October, 2023 – Modern Student Accommodation York (MSAY) is taking proactive steps to address concerns raised by University of York students regarding the increasing accommodation costs in the city. The housing company understands the importance of affordable housing for students and is committed to providing solutions to ensure students can access high-quality housing without being “priced out of education.”

Recent news reports highlight that University of York students have seen their weekly rents increase by significant amounts, creating worries about the affordability of education. Postgraduate student Ellen Rintoul expressed her concerns, noting that maintenance loans have not been adjusted accordingly to meet the rising costs. MSAY recognises the impact this can have on students and their academic experiences.

To address these concerns and support the student community, MSAY has launched several initiatives –

Affordable Accommodation

MSAY is absolutely dedicated to offering affordable, well-maintained, and secure student housing options in York. Their range of accommodations caters to different budgets, ensuring that students can find a suitable place to live without breaking the bank. Their Student Accommodation in York comes with rent prices that include all utility bills like water and electricity, so students have one less thing off their financial burdens to worry about. These resources are designed to ease the financial burden of accommodation costs.

Collaboration With Local Institutions

The team at MSAY is actively working in partnership with the University of York, the local council, and York St John University to address housing demands in the city. These collaborative efforts will lead to improved availability and accessibility of accommodation options for students.

Housing Diversity

MSAY is continuously expanding its housing portfolio to provide students with a range of choices at different price points, ensuring that housing remains accessible to all. They have primarily three types of properties – 4 bedroom, 5 bedroom and 6-bedroom houses.

 Modern Student Accommodation York shares the concerns of the University of York students and recognise that rising rent costs should not hinder access to education. Their commitment to affordable, high-quality York student accommodation, and collaboration with educational institutions demonstrates our dedication to student welfare.

 “Modern Student Accommodation York is committed to supporting the academic pursuits of students in York by ensuring that accommodation costs do not become a barrier to education. We believe that every student should have access to quality housing without compromising their academic goals,” said Angela and Paul Brady, the founders of Modern Student Accommodation, York.

About Modern Student Accommodation York

Modern Student Accommodation York is a trusted family-run business that has been providing premium-quality student accommodation York since 2000. With a focus on affordability, security, and student well-being, MSAY offers a range of accommodation options to cater to the diverse needs and budgets of students. Their properties are thoughtfully designed to offer comfort, functionality, and a supportive environment for students during their stay in a city away from home.





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