Finding new friends shouldn’t be that hard – Enter Spinnr the Social Discovery App that current Meeting Apps Hate

Finding new friends shouldn’t be that hard - Enter Spinnr the Social Discovery App that current Meeting Apps Hate

Social meeting apps have failed us with Toxicity, Ads, Upcharges, Catfish but most of users with the wrong and nonaligned meeting intentions. Spinnr is revolutionizing the way we connect online and in person in a truly groundbreaking, safe and exhilarating way.

The Quest for Authenticity – Find someone to laugh at your jokes.

Picture a world where swiping left and right is no longer the norm, where vanity metrics no longer dictate our worth, and where authentic connections reign supreme. As loneliness reaches staggering proportions in our digitally connected world, there is an unmistakable yearning for something more genuine. Spinnr was created to deal with the toxic environment social app have evolved into.

Unveiling Spinnr: “Find Real Friends”

No more static photos, with Spinnr you see real personalities because members see video profiles. This allows a genuine glimpse into the lives of other app members. Whether you’re sharing your passions, delivering a hearty laugh, or offering a snapshot of your day, Spinnr serves as a platform for connecting with individuals who resonate with your true self.

Safe and Real Communities

Spinnr’s “Squads” are a unique, private community groups. Here member create real relationships based on shared interests, hobbies, or values with group video chatting. The squads are very different also because the groups are limited and only members approved can join and stay in. Whether you’re an aspiring photographer, a spirited explorer, a food aficionado, or a comedy connoisseur, Spinnr has the Squad for you. And if you don’t find your niche, Spinnr empowers you to create your own.

Find Connections, Ad-Free and Influencer Free – What??!!

Unlike other meeting apps that bombard you with ads or lure you into premium features, Spinnr offers an ad-free experience that allows you unrestricted access to video chats, searches, and messages. No upselling, no hidden fees – just pure, unadulterated connections. “I just want to safe meet nice new people who share my values and personality. And a place I don’t have to give someone my email or phone number to talk to.” says one delighted user.

Taking Connections Beyond the Screen – What to do events built in.

Spinnr also includes STRESS FREE meetups. Our innovative event section lets users discuss upcoming gatherings, ensuring that when they meet live, it’s as friends, not strangers. The “no-stress meeting button” cements Spinnr’s commitment to cultivating genuine relationships.

Privacy, Data Protection, and AI-Powered Friendships

At Spinnr, we understand that user data is sacred, and we manage it with the utmost care. Likes, comments, and follower counts are left behind, creating a safe space where users can truly be themselves. To enhance the experience, we introduce “Spinny,” an AI-powered chatbot that goes beyond typical AI capabilities, suggesting friends based on shared interests, making friend-finding a breeze.

Discover Spinnr today on the app store, Google Play, and soon via an integrated web presence at

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