Introducing the World’s First Patented Supplement Formulation for Memory Loss: Percepta®

Newport Beach, CA – October 23, 2023 – Memory loss is a common concern that affects individuals globally. While it is usually associated with aging, it is now known to be caused by the accumulation of brain plaques, tangles, and inflammation (known as “PTI”). For over 20 years, scientific literature has provided extensive documentation on memory loss. However, with the Percepta® formulation, a breakthrough solution is now specifically designed to target the underlying causes of memory loss.

The Percepta® formulation features a potent proprietary concentrated extract from the Amazon rainforest plant known as PTI-00703® cat’s claw (Uncaria tomentosa) that has been carefully formulated to inhibit and reduce brain plaques and tangles. The proprietary blend of Percepta® is the world’s first patented supplement formulation for memory loss. Extracted using a unique proprietary methodology, this robust concentrated cat’s claw extract has shown remarkable efficacy in combating the accumulation of plaques, tangles, and inflammation in the brain -the trilogy of memory loss and the real reason we lose memory as we age.

The inventor of the Percepta® formula, Dr. Alan Snow, confirms its efficacy by stating, “I have been working in the drug development field for brain aging and memory loss for more than 30 years and have never seen a more potent inhibitor of both plaques and tangles than the natural plant-based PTI-00703® cat’s claw that we discovered.” Unlike generic supplements in the market, the Percepta® formula targets the underlying three causes of memory loss -plaques, tangles, and inflammation

A study published in “Nature – Scientific Reports” 2021 revealed that the Percepta® formulation stands out among the top 20-selling memory-support dietary supplements, outperforming them by over 50%. While various memory support supplements are available in the market, none have shown such a level of efficacy of the Percepta® formula.

The Percepta® formulation is now available for licensing under six formulations, namely, Percepta®, Percepta Sport®, Percepta Professional®, Percepta Memory®, Percepta ImmuneTM, and Percepta Pet Memory SnacksTM. Its efficacy provides an opportunity for individuals to improve their quality of life by supporting their memory function.

The Percepta® formulation is a game-changer in memory support supplements. Its proprietary blend, a concentrated patented extract from the Amazon rainforest plant known as PTI-00703® cat’s claw, targets the underlying causes of memory loss, inhibiting and reducing brain plaques and tangles. It stands out among the top-selling memory-support dietary supplements, outperforming them by over 50%.

Whether you are a manufacturer seeking a new product to support memory function or a healthcare professional looking to add a new line of supplement, the Percepta® patented formulation and proprietary ingredients provides endless opportunities to improve the cognitive health of consumers around the world.

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Cognitive Clarity Inc. is involved in researching and developing a line of memory and brain health supplements that target brain plaques and tangles that accumulate during normal aging. The company was co-founded in 2015 by two of the world’s top brain aging researchers, Dr. Alan Snow and Dr. Rudolph Tanzi, and is headquartered in Edmonds, WA, USA.

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