Accept Zelle, Venmo, Wise, Cash App, … For Ticket Sales & Box-Office


Ticketor, the white-label event ticketing and box-office system, has introduced a new creative method for event organizers and venues to be able to accept payments through money transfer services such as Zelle, Venmo, Cash App, Wise, or any other bank transfer methods.

This is in addition to vast range of credit card processors that is compatible with, including Stripe, Square, PayPal, Braintree, or any bank payment processor through No matter what payment processor the event organizer uses, the money is directly deposited into the event organizer’s bank account, through their payment processor, without any hold or delay from Ticketor.

Using the new money transfer methods, event organizers can:

  • Enjoy the lower or no payment processing fee and save 3% on each transaction
  • Protect their business from chargeback or disputes abuse

And all of these can be done in a fully automated and sell-service manner, without much involvement from the event organizers or their staff.

“The buyer chooses to pay using one of the offered transfer methods, set by the event organizer, on the checkout page. Then they use the money transfer service, such as Zelle or Venmo, to send the money to the event organizer, per the instruction provided on the checkout page.

In a few moments, the payment is processed by Ticketor and the buyer has received the credit in their account and can complete their transaction.”

Also, the sales staff can accept these methods at the POS (Point of Sales) besides the credit card, cash or check payments.

These new payment methods expand Ticketor’s global services into the countries where  credit card payments are not very popular.

In recent years many merchants in the US and around the world have favored transfer methods such as Zelle or Venmo to credit card payments; as they have lower or no credit card processing fee, they cannot be disputed by the buyers and they can be transferred and cleared in minutes. As a result, they are great alternative to cash and credit card payments.

“We have come up with a creative method to fully automate the payment processing using money transfer methods. This is a game changing feature for event organizers who have been hit with chargeback abuse or high credit card fees. Some of these event organizer has opted out of selling tickets online, for years, to avoid these issue.

Using these creative method, they can start selling tickets online again.

Event organizers can choose to offer money transfer methods as their only method of payment, or along with standard credit card or PayPal options and they can choose which money transfer services they accept.”

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