Aluminum Extrusions Custom Shaped at Highly Competitive Rates for Diverse Industries and Delivered on Time by Zetwerk

Zetwerk is a global manufacturer with extensive manufacturing capacities and capabilities. It offers aluminum extrusions shaped to a customer’s specifications. It can die-cast, CNC machine, and 3D print materials for global delivery.

According to announcements released by Zetwerk, companies that desire custom aluminum extrusions at affordable rates and quick turnaround times can reach out to Zetwerk.

Zetwerk is a leading manufacturer of high-quality extruded aluminum products that offer exceptional strength, flexibility, and resistance to various weather elements and building movement. It uses a range of aluminum alloys to produce custom extruded components cut to length and undergo secondary operations like CNC machining and surface treatment.

The company is among the top global extruded aluminum manufacturers, and its extruded aluminum products find applications in different industries such as automotive, construction, and telecommunication. 

For instance, they are widely used in car parts such as engine blocks, transmission housings, and vehicle and truck bodies. The extruded aluminum components can house copper or fiber optic cables or wires for robust communication networks.

Extruded aluminum maintains its strength and flexibility even under loads and springs back from the shock of impact.

Zetwerk employs a rigorous manufacturing process that ensures precise and controlled machining of extruded aluminum profiles. Our custom extrusion dies are produced within a lead time of three to four weeks, and once they are made, a set of FAIR (First Article Inspection Report) samples are sent straight to the customer for approval before prototyping.

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Aluminum extrusions by Zetwerk have no mechanical joints; this results in a uniform quality with a smooth surface free from stress cracks or structural defects.

Zetwerk produces aluminum extrusions with complex cross-sections that meet a client’s requirements. Interested individuals can submit relevant part drawings, 3D files, and other information through the website.

Anirudh Reddy of Zetwerk said, “Zetwerk offers high-quality production, globally competitive costs, and unparalleled lead times in manufacturing capital goods, consumer goods, and precision parts. Zetwerk’s in-house Manufacturing Operating System software includes proprietary tools, technology, and teams for project management, offering automation, transparency, and quality across all manufacturing operations.

The business has network partners with companies of all sizes ranging between SMEs and Fortune 500 companies in markets such as North America, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East. Zetwerk’s capabilities include aluminum extrusions, die casting, investment casting, CNC machining, injection molding, sheet metal stamping, 3D printing, and prototyping.

Zetwerk precisely matches customer specifications and supplier capacity with a tolerance level of up to 2 microns. Zetwerk helps customers get parts delivered in less than five days, thus enabling shorter lead times for customers to get to the market.

Zetwerk Quality Certified (ZQC™) ensures that every production part is inspected and meets requirements before dispatch. It ensures zero quality escapes, meaning no rejections at the customer end.

Zetwerk’s team of project managers provides real-time transparency and accurate status of the project through technology. Quality is at the core of Zetwerk’s global manufacturing network. Be it systems, people, processes, or technology, everything moves in one gear to deliver 100% certified quality for every project and every customer.

About the Company:

Zetwerk, with strong financial backing from leading venture capital firms, has manufacturing and logistics operations in various countries worldwide. Its wide-reaching focus allows it to cater to customers across multiple industries, including consumer electronics, home appliances, and aerospace. Zetwerk’s comprehensive suite of manufacturing services helps lower costs, improve quality, manage inventory, and optimize manufacturing processes for customers.

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