We Are Warriors PR Announces the Launch of GPT Warriors: A Comprehensive Suite of Specialised AI Tools for Digital Marketing Mastery

We Are Warriors PR Announces the Launch of GPT Warriors: A Comprehensive Suite of Specialised AI Tools for Digital Marketing Mastery
Innovative AI-Powered Solutions Designed to Transform Niche Selection, Content Creation, and Digital Strategy for Marketers, Communication Experts and Brands

London, UK – 19th December, 2023 – In an ambitious move to redefine digital marketing’s future and as part of its mission to make AI accessible to all, We Are Warriors PR is thrilled to announce the market introduction of 12 custom GPTs. The 12 GPT Warriors are an exclusive series of custom Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs) engineered to empower businesses, entrepreneurs and consultants looking to support their business, or launch a passion project with unparalleled AI assistance to support content creation and online digital marketing strategy.

“Our GPT Warriors represent our vision for the next frontier in digital marketing and communications tools and are designed to save time and boost productivity and to design tools that not only support our business and clients but which we can make available more widely,” said Effie Kanyua multi award-winning Founder of We Are Warriors PR “We’ve meticulously crafted each GPT Warrior working with AI and prompt engineering experts from the US to address specific challenges within the marketing and digital space, providing our clients with a formidable arsenal to enhance their marketing e orts and drive substantial results.”

The GPT Warriors are 12 super charged mini assistants designed to take on the heavy lift to supercharge your business or get your brand or product o the ground saving weeks of content creation time. Each GPT is inspired by a historical Warrior figure. And features a diverse group Warrior figures from around the globe to represent the inclusivity that the technology allows. They span from:

China, Japan, South Africa, Denmark, Scotland, England, Angola and India) and are as follows:

GPT Warriors Lineup:

Sun Tzu – Brand Strategy Creator: who will craft an entire brand strategy including your brand mission, vision, values, customer personas, pain points, potential product offerings, brand tone & voice, potential hooks and elevator pitch.

Shaka – Niche Navigator: Leveraging advanced AI, the Niche Navigator is designed to guide users through the complex digital terrain, identifying lucrative niches and providing strategic product positioning advice as if you have your own personal business manager.

Leonidas – Product Brainstorm: Leonidas helps you brainstorm ideas, helping budding entrepreneurs refine and develop budget-friendly digital product ideas that resonate within chosen niches.

Cleopatra – E-Book Builder: Ever wanted to create your own book? Cleopatra specialises in the art of e-book creation, offering custom outlines and in-depth content development taking an idea that might take months to write and creating a book within minutes.

Ragnar – E-Course Creator: Ragnar can help teachers, course providers and experts in any niche in crafting comprehensive educational courses. It will create outlines and course content all designed to save hours in research content writing.

Nzinga – Newsletter Creator: Nzinga helps you to reach your customers or audience seamlessly and generates well-researched and compelling newsletter content, it can also be used by students to create a series of essays.

Genghis – Email Campaign Creator: Inspired by leading marketing experts, this tool creates personalised email campaigns, creating multiple sales emails for potential customers with optimised delivery times to maximise open rates and conversions.

Wallace – Landing Page Generator: Understanding the importance of first impressions for any website, Wallace produces SEO-friendly and emotionally resonant landing pages that captivate and convert site visitors.

Zenobia – Video Sales Letter Creator: Zenobia shapes persuasive video sales letters and scripts, harnessing the power of visual storytelling to drive sales and engage viewers.

Tomoe Gozen – Blog Post Creator: For businesses seeking to enhance their SEO and provide valuable content to their customers or clients, Tomoe Gozen writes engaging blog posts, complete with DALL-E 3 generated imagery to enrich the reader’s experience.

Boudicca – Thumbnail Creator: Recognising the impact of visuals, Boudicca designs vibrant and engaging thumbnails for social media and video content, grabbing attention in crowded digital spaces.

Rani – Content Calendar Creator: Rani is a mini social media brainstorming tool and empowers brands to craft personalised social media content calendars, aligning posts with overarching brand goals and audience engagement metrics.

“We’re excited about our GPT Warriors because we’re not just launching products; we’re delivering a transformative experience that will redefine how digital marketing and communications operates, making it accessible to all,” added Effie Kanyua “Tech knowledge and cost should not be a barrier to entry if you have a great idea or brand that you’d like to get o the ground. We have developed these tools to help people to use AI effectively to reach their maximum potential, boost productivity and save time. We also plan to o er our tools and services to three chosen charities pro bono, to help them integrate the tools into their workflow, so that they can focus more on the important work that they do, so we invite any interested charities to get in touch”.

Availability: GPT Warriors are available for purchase with a launch price one-o payment starting from as little as £9.99, providing lifelong access to cutting-edge AI marketing tools. To use the GPT Warriors you must already have a Chat GPT 4 subscription or upgrade to Chat GPT 4 if you are using the free version to use the tools. For more information on each GPT Warrior and to explore purchasing options, visit: www.wearewarriorspr.com

About We Are Warriors PR:

We Are Warriors PR is an innovative AI powered Corpsumer PR agency specialising in luxury, beauty, tech, media and FMCG. The agency is a female founded and Black owned business and is committed to being at the forefront of digital marketing innovation, providing state of-the-art AI solutions that drive growth and efficiency. Committed to leading the charge in AI-assisted marketing and communications strategies, We Are Warriors PR will continue to empower individuals and businesses with tools and insights to succeed in an ever-evolving digital landscape. We Are Warriors PR was founded by Effie Kanyua a multi award-winning former Director of PR & Comms for Hearst UK (ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Men’s and Women’s Health and Good Housekeeping) and Communications Director at Bauer Media (Grazia, Empire Magazine, heat, Absolute Radio, Magic Radio, KISS). She has led teams for multiple tech brands including Microsoft, Huawei, Samsung, Dolby Digital, Virgin Media and Square Enix.

For further information or to trial the GPT Warriors (please note you must have Chat GPT 4 installed), please contact Effie Kanyua [email protected] or visit www.wearewarriorspr.com 

The GPT Warriors

GPT Warriors from top left to right: Ragnar, Boudicca, Cleopatra, Sun Tzu, Tomoe Gozen, Leonidas, Rani, Wallace, Nzinga, Shaka, Genghis, Zenobia

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