Jeff Bullas, the Top CEO Influencer and Social Marketing Talent Talks About Innovative AI Art Apps

Jeff Bullas is a digital entrepreneur, keynote speaker, author, and blogger specializing in all things tech. Jeff recently launched an article, shortlisting the most popular AI Art Generator programs.

Experienced techpreneurs have been bridging the latest technological advancements with the consumer public for decades, providing an objective, detailed review of various gadgets, apps, tools, and technologies. 

Among countless digital entrepreneurs, few are as eclectic and experienced as Jeff Bullas. Dubbed the “top CEO influencer” by Forbes, the “#1 Global Content Marketing Influencer” according to Oanalytica, and one of the top 20 digital marketing experts by, Jeff has worked tirelessly to keep his readers, listeners, and subscribers in the know regarding the biggest technological leaps and products. 

His blog recently touched on the topic of AI Art Generators – a popular trend that soared to prominence with the advent of prime movers in the tech space the likes of OpenAI. 

With hundreds of AI-powered art generators surfacing in the contemporary market, many of which are still at a stage of infancy, the floodgates are open, the concepts are new, and the low technological equity is making it difficult for both consumers and business owners to decide which app to use. 

Jeff noted that DALL-E, Dream Studio, NightCafe, Jasper, and Binge Image Creator are debatably the trendiest and most popular AI art tools in the contemporary market. His recent review of the top 12 popular AI art generators underscores the advantages, drawbacks, and potential uses of each app, helping Jeff’s readers make an educated decision about choosing the right app. 

“AI Art generators have gained popularity in recent years and have been used in various fields, including advertising, design, and entertainment. They offer a unique way to explore creativity and push the boundaries of what is possible in art,” said Jeff.  

The Jeff Bullas blog is a one-stop shop for all tech professionals, enthusiasts, and beginners, offering comprehensive reviews, guides, tutorials, and tips, as well as podcasts and introductions to Jeff’s tech influencer services.

The latter helped Jeff attain international renown and the title of one of the world’s most talented social marketing specialist. Jeff Bullas boasts decades of experience and in-depth knowledge about all social influencer trends, tools, and methods, and his skills are coveted by some of the largest brands in various industries.

Custom enterprise influencer campaigns, Jeff’s “magnum opus”, mesh his vast knowledge of all things tech and unparalleled social marketing skills.  According to Jeff, he and his team want to make a difference in people’s lives and businesses, which is the primary mission of the Jeff Bullas blog:

“From day one, our ethos has been to “think like a publisher” but to market like a one-legged man in a kickboxing competition. Busy, impressive, and noticed. Content without attention is like drawing a beautiful piece of art or an inspiring book and then hiding it in your drawer. A simple ethos backed by some early mornings and a ton of elbow grease has helped us achieve a number of accolades we never imagined possible,” Jeff continued.

More information about Jeff Bullas is available on his official website.

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