Zeelool Launches New Trend in 80s Fashion Glasses

Zeelool Launches New Trend in 80s Fashion Glasses
Zeelool 80s fashion eyeglasses
The fashion trends of the 1980s were bold and full of vitality, with various eyewear styles becoming popular and emblematic of that era. Geometric glasses, neon-colored glasses, traveler glasses, as well as the continued popularity of cat-eye glasses, aviator glasses, and oversized frames from the 1970s, all emerged as significant eyeglasses styles of the 1980s. These eyeglasses styles represented the fashion trends of the 1980s.

What glasses were popular in the 80s?

Geometric Glasses:

In the 1980s, which embraced bold and unconventional shapes, geometric frame glasses emerged as a reflection of this trend. These eyeglasses featured frames with unique angular shapes, such as squares, hexagons, octagons, or exaggerated rectangles. The frames had sharp angles, clean lines, bright colors, semi-transparent frames, or patterns, adding a modern and avant-garde touch to the appearance.

Neon-Colored Glasses:

The 80s were known for their love of bright and vibrant colors, giving rise to neon-colored glasses. Bold shades like bright pink, fluorescent pink, fluorescent green, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent blue, neon green, and bright yellow became highly sought-after for frames. These glasses added a pop of fashionable colors to any outfit, bringing a playful and energetic vibe to the wearer.

Traveler Frames:

Traveler-style glasses originated in the 1950s but made a comeback in the 1980s, gaining popularity among both men and women. These frames had a distinctive trapezoidal shape and were often in black or tortoiseshell patterns, exuding timeless and vintage charm.

Browline Glasses:

Browline frame glasses, also known as Clubmaster glasses, were a popular choice for men in the 80s. They featured thick upper rims that imitated the appearance of eyebrows, hence the name. Browline glasses were typically worn with tortoiseshell or black frames.

Oversized Frames:

The oversized frames that were popular in the 70s continued to be favored in the 80s. These glasses had large frames, often rectangular or square in shape, with vibrant colors and thick frames, offering a unique and exaggerated sense of charm.

Cat-Eye Glasses:

Cat-eye frame glasses experienced a revival in the 1980s. Cat-eye glasses are often decorated with decorative elements such as diamonds or colorful patterns, and their characteristic feature is the upturned outer edges resembling a cat’s eye shape. Cat-eye glasses were widely loved by women who wanted to add a touch of charm and retro vibes to their style.

Aviator Glasses:

Inspired by classic aviator sunglasses, aviator eyeglasses remained popular in the 80s. These glasses typically featured metal frames, double bridges, and large teardrop-shaped lenses. Aviator glasses exuded a cool and adventurous vibe, making them popular among both men and women.

Round Glasses:

Round eyeglasses made a comeback in the 1980s, drawing inspiration from the fashion of the 60s and 70s. Men favored round frames with metal or plastic rims, creating a vintage and artistic look.

The aforementioned eyeglasses styles embody the bold, experimental, and distinctive aesthetics of the 80s. If you’re in need, Zeelool online store offers a range of high-quality and affordable eyeglasses styles inspired by the 1980s for you to choose from.

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