Star Fate: Explore new ways to play on social platforms

In today’s busy and noisy modern society, diversified social methods have become an indispensable part of people’s daily lives. From traditional face-to-face communication to digital social media, each method provides people with convenience, but it also brings a series of challenges. With the vigorous development of social networks, it has become easier to create virtual identities, but supervision has become more stringent, which makes it difficult for us to engage in free speech. Against this background, Star Fate came into being.

As a new SocialFi platform with unique Japanese style originating from Japan, Star Fate has attracted widespread attention from users around the world with its unique concept and innovative gameplay. Star Fate not only focuses on creating a social space for users to truly express themselves and feel deep emotional resonance, but also breaks the constraints of traditional social platforms through unique elements such as anonymous content publishing and NFT gameplay, leading a new trend in social experience.

By establishing an anonymous content publishing platform based on user-fan relationships, Star Fate allows each individual full of stories to create a unique and personalized world. To enter this space, other users need to pay a certain “ticket” fee, thereby motivating everyone with a story to obtain additional Token income. This innovative model gives the social experience more depth and interactivity. The original intention of Star Fate is to create a movie similar to the Japanese animation “Kun no Name”. The social ecology of animation integrates the deep emotional elements of animation into the social platform, providing users with deep emotional connections in the virtual world. Just like the protagonists in animations span time and space, Star Fate hopes that users can establish real and free social relationships on the platform and realize emotional connections in the metaverse.

Star Fate introduces a new social gameplay, making the entire social ecosystem more interesting.

DID identity proof mechanism

Star Fate uses brand new DID identification technology. When users register and log in using Twitter, the system will randomly assign users and avatars to ensure anonymity. At the same time, registration will also cast a random NFT, which becomes the user’s identity. Owning this NFT means that users truly have a ticket to enter Star Fate and can experience the wonderful journey between “TA & TA”. Not only can NFTs earn various rewards, such as SFT tokens, but they are also closely linked to the holders of specific NFTs. This provides an innovative incentive mechanism for the project party, promotes the development of the NFT market, promotes in-depth interaction between the project, users and partners, and builds a more powerful and active community ecology.

Fan economy

After users mint the NFT, they can interact with other friends. Users will pay attention because of interest and other reasons. The increase in attention will attract more attention to users and become star users. Celebrity users can choose to split their own NFTs and let followers purchase them to form their own loyal fans. Since the number of splits is limited, later fans need to trade for a chance to gain attention. Therefore, these split shares are transaction-enabled and users can sell them at any time. This makes the entire process a profitable “game” as its price is as volatile as the token itself. Additionally, in addition to price fluctuations, there are fees involved in buying and selling these shares:

– 5% of the transaction income flows into Star Fate and belongs to the project party.

– 5% of the transaction revenue goes to the user who buys or sells shares and belongs to the star user.

Such a transaction model ensures the operation of the platform and makes users profitable in the entire social ecosystem.

Social plaza space

Celebrity users can post posts on the Star Fate social square to share their experiences and lives, attracting attention and likes. Posted content is visible to Twitter followers and their followers’ followers. Other fans can use the platform token SFT to reward. When a post’s attention reaches a certain level, it will become a hot post, and the hot achievements will be lit up to unlock superstars and obtain additional rewards.

In addition to achievement rewards, users can also publish hot topics or exclusive news. Publishers can set these exciting melon-eating contents as a private section space. Other users who want to obtain this information need to pay a fee. In this way, it not only ensures the flow of information, but also creates incentive value for content creators, encouraging them to continue to publish more valuable content. In a virtuous cycle, the entire Star Fate ecosystem will be more complete.

As a social platform, Star Fate pushes interaction to the extreme, and users may be rewarded for every move they make. This is the unique operating method of Star Fate. It is like two stars destined to meet. Every surprise is accompanied by rewards, bringing endless pleasure to users.

As Star Fate continues to innovate and its user community grows, the platform is expected to lead social platforms into a new era. Its metaverse emotional connection, NFT gameplay and unique social gameplay build a rich, diverse, innovative and exciting social ecosystem. The emergence of Star Fate is not only an innovation in social experience, but also a powerful response to the shortcomings of traditional social platforms, providing users with more free and profound social opportunities. Under the leadership of Star Fate, every user has the opportunity to create their own social miracle in this digital starry sky.

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