New York Child Custody Lawyer Ryan Besinque Discusses Court Custody Decisions in Newly Released Article

New York Child Custody Lawyer Ryan Besinque Discusses Court Custody Decisions in Newly Released Article

New York child custody lawyer Ryan Besinque ( has recently published an enlightening article titled ‘How Does a Court Decide Who Gets Custody of a Child?’ The piece provides an insightful look into the considerations that judges weigh when faced with the delicate task of custody determinations.

“Understanding the court’s approach to custody decisions is vital,” states New York child custody lawyer Ryan Besinque. “It’s about more than just legal knowledge—it’s about ensuring that the child’s future is protected by making informed, compassionate decisions.”

The New York child custody lawyer outlines several critical factors that courts consider when deciding who gets custody of a child. These factors range from the stability offered by the current custodial environment and the quality of child care arrangements, to the impact of parental behavior such as substance misuse or domestic violence.

“The court’s observations are not limited to tangible factors,” Besinque explains. “Behavior in court, including demeanor and temperament, can also influence custody decisions. It’s about presenting oneself as a capable and loving parent who will foster the child’s relationship with their other parent.”

The article further discusses the importance of expert evaluations in custody cases. These evaluations, conducted by professionals such as social workers and mental health experts, offer courts an unbiased perspective on the family’s dynamics and the child’s needs. Besinque highlights that expert recommendations can greatly influence the court’s determination of the most beneficial custody arrangement.

Moreover, the article touches on the intricacies of visitation rights in New York, emphasizing that even in cases involving substance abuse or domestic violence, courts typically strive to maintain the parental bond through visitation, which may be supervised to ensure the child’s safety.

Besinque addresses the age at which a child may express a preference in custody matters. He clarifies that although a child’s wishes are always considered, the significance given to their preference increases with the child’s age and maturity. This detailed understanding of the children’s role in custody decisions underscores the court’s commitment to act in their best interest while being mindful of their capacity for judgment.

The article also underscores the modification of child custody orders in New York. Besinque explains that changes in custody can only be considered if there is a substantial shift in circumstances that could significantly impact the child’s best interest. This ensures that custody arrangements are modified only when truly necessary, maintaining stability for the child unless a compelling reason for change arises.

Parents in New York seeking to understand or challenge custody decisions will find the insights provided by Ryan Besinque invaluable. The article serves as a guide for navigating the often challenging landscape of custody disputes, emphasizing informed preparation and the importance of legal advocacy focused on the well-being of the child.

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