A Moment With a Counselor: Seeking Hope Amidst Storm of Life

In an effort to help people get through various challenges in life, Kolle Bertrand releases his highly spirit lifting book titled A Moment With a Counselor. This book is a life-changing book that shifts one’s paradigm and transforms their life for good, inside-out.

A Moment With a Counselor tells the story of a woman who is caught in a whirlwind of despair after she learns of her husband’s extramarital affair. Struggling with the hurting emotions of feeling betrayed and seeking a way to navigate through it she visits a counselor who not only offers her a listening hear but a beacon of hope.

Through several counseling sessions, the counselor provides her with bible passages that makes her see her overbearing turmoil from a different perspective. Through the scriptures she got to learn God’s solutions for divorces and she learns new divine ways to examine her life and forgive her husband.

She studies the scripture fervently and discovers a new meaning of life. Most importantly, she finds a new life in Christ.

This book has been acclaimed by early readers who find it insightful, motivating, and life-changing. One of the reviews reads:

“I just finished reading this wonderful book. In this book a wife is dealing with a cheating husband. Hurt and confused she turns to her Pastor for answers. He gives her scriptures that cause her to re exam her own life and as she studies and prays finds a new meaning for love, a way to forgive her husband, and, most importantly, a new life in Christ. She had to get right with God first and figure out what He wanted for her. It made me think. The same scriptures can apply to other trials as well. I lost my husband last year and am on my own for the first time in my life. I am turning to God for answers. As the Pastor taught the wife about God’s grace I realized how much grace He has given to me and my grandchildren in all that we have faced in the last year. So, if you are facing a possible divorce or other trial in your life, grab this and read it first. It will give you a new outlook on things.” – Denise K. Dockins.

A Moment With a Counselor lends credence to the transformative power of a faith-based counseling in going through life’s tumultuous moments. Experience the power, feeling, and strength of a therapy associated with faith by grabbing a copy of this book on Amazon.

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