Schneider Electric awards cybersecurity specialisation to SAFEgroup Automation

The Pacific Division of Schneider Electric, a leading global firm in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, has bestowed its premiere Cybersecurity Specialisation to SAFEgroup Automation, a prominent Australian provider of control system engineering services delivering state-of-the-art control system solutions. The recognition, only the third globally, highlights SAFEgroup’s standout technical capabilities and extraordinary project delivery that satisfy Schneider Electric’s rigorous cybersecurity benchmarks.

In an ever-increasingly interconnected world, the importance of comprehensive cybersecurity measures cannot be overstated. Without suitable safeguards, businesses leave their sensitive data vulnerable to progressively advanced cyber threats and hacker incursions. Carlos Urbano, Schneider Electrics Vice President, Industry for the Pacific, commented on the award, saying, “At Schneider Electric, our cybersecurity standards are extremely rigorous, and our cybersecurity awards are not granted easily. This award marks the first of its kind in the Pacific region, and we want to congratulate SAFEgroup Automation on this outstanding achievement.”

As a Master Alliance Industrial System Integrator, SAFEgroup Automation has excelled in implementing Schneider Electric’s M580 automation platform adopting a robust cybersecurity framework, the company says. The process encompassed a gap analysis, integration with existing systems, risk evaluation and mitigation and use of security monitoring tools. Additionally, it also included training programs aimed at building staff awareness.

Operational Technology (OT) infrastructure protection using reliable cybersecurity measures is critical in ensuring uninterrupted operations and preserving brand integrity across various sectors and industries. With the M580 platform implementation, SAFEgroup Automation has fortified its cybersecurity, complied with relevant regulatory oversight, augmented profitability, and thereby, ensured peace of mind for end-users.

SAFEgroup Automation’s Chief Operations Officer, Aaron Mitchell, spoke highly of the company’s recent achievement, “We recently worked with a large water utility to close cybersecurity gaps in their network, which were making them a possible target for cybercriminals. We provided the customer with comprehensive training and cybersecurity resources, including the deployment of cutting-edge solutions such as intrusion detection systems, firewalls, and advanced threat intelligence,” he said.

“This, in turn, bolstered the utility’s resilience against potential cyber-attacks, safeguarding critical infrastructure and ensuring the continuous, secure delivery of water services to the community added Aaron Mitchell, COO from SAFEgroup Automation,” Mitchell said.

In response to the growing importance surrounding cybersecurity, Schneider Electric is gearing up to release a new Alliance SI Partner program that will empower more of its partners to achieve excellence within the industry. This will include comprehensive training, cybersecurity resources, AVEVA software specialisations, and enablement.

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