Corporate T-shirt customization, pattern design, printing process to choose

With the rapid development of science and technology, customers’ requirements for design will become more and more changeable, most companies in order to promote their own “development, not backward” concept, every summer enterprises will choose customized T-shirts. In addition to the simple atmosphere and bright theme of the pattern design will be influential, the choice of fabric  printing process will also directly affect the custom effect of corporate T-shirts.  

In the hot summer, the first consideration of T-shirt printing pattern is breathability. If it is a large size pattern, it is recommended to choose the digital directly printing process, which has good air permeability, especially the light-colored bottom shirt uses the Boyin digital direct printing process, and the printing is like nothing; Even the dark bottom shirt, under the rich experience of Boyin, can give the same excellent color performance ability and comfortable skin.   Boyin has an experienced printing team and a professional printing research and development base, which can not only complete various customized patterns with high quality, but also add to the influence of enterprises.

Boyin digital textile printing machine is equipped with the latest generation of Ricoh G6, G7, which can reach 700dpi*600dpi high quality. Using the unique formula of Boprint digital textile printing machine ink, AATCC washing fastness test reached 4, lasting bright. The following picture is a finished product of Boyin’s custom digital direct injection process. Contact email for more details:[email protected]

custom cloth printing machinecustom cloth printing machine

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