Navigating the Current Real Estate Landscape: Expert Advice From Rentwell

According to the National Association of Realtors, U.S. home prices have increased by 2.0% compared to last year, while the number of homes sold has declined. 

Rentwell’s expertise and guidance help investors and property owners take advantage of the current market and invest in rental properties.

Rentwell has identified high interest rates and low inventory as pivotal factors influencing the current market trends. High interest rates increase borrowing costs, discouraging potential buyers and contributing to a decrease in the number of homes sold. Low inventory heightens competition among buyers, driving up home prices.

In these circumstances, Rentwell advises patience, particularly for potential buyers. Understanding that the real estate market is cyclical, they urge clients to wait for more favorable market conditions for buying. They believe that patience and a well-timed entry into the market can lead to better financial outcomes.

Meanwhile, Rentwell highlights lucrative opportunities in the rental market. High property prices and interest rates have made the rental market increasingly appealing, leading to a rise in demand for rental properties. Rental properties offer regular income, tax advantages, and potential for appreciation.

To assist clients in capitalizing on these opportunities, Rentwell offers comprehensive property management services. These services include thorough tenant screening, property maintenance, and top-tier rental marketing services, aiming to maximize the return on their client’s investment.

In these complex times, Rentwell offers not just a service, but a partnership and commitment to navigating the real estate market with their clients. They provide expert advice, interpret and predict market trends, and ensure their clients are well-equipped to seize opportunities in the rental market. Contact Rentwell today and work together in navigating this ever-evolving real estate landscape to position investments for maximum return.

About Rentwell

Rentwell is a professional property management company serving communities in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. They care about what they do and the people they serve with a mission to seamlessly manage properties by executing innovative services that provide peace of mind for both owners and residents.

As a premier professional property management company, everything they do is rooted in innovation. Their highly motivated, energetic team works diligently to improve the systems and tools they utilize daily. 

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