Daniel L. Pinion’s Debut Memoir Offers a Rare, Authentic Glimpse of Leadership and Life Lessons Learned From 28 Years of Military Service

Whether you are a military veteran, a prospective soldier, or someone who cares about those who serve, Daniel L. Pinion’s heartfelt memoir pays tribute to the sacrifices and bonds forged in the line of duty, offering an eye-opening look into the life of a soldier.

Command Sergeant Major (Retired) Daniel L. Pinion is a distinguished military veteran whose service spans the pivotal eras of the Cold War, Operation Joint Endeavor in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and multiple deployments in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

With a remarkable 28-year career in the United States Army, he has been a pivotal figure in various leadership roles across infantry, armor, and cavalry units. His journey from a young private to the esteemed rank of Command Sergeant Major is a testament to his dedication, resilience, and leadership. Having led troops in every non-commissioned officer rank from sergeant to command sergeant major, his experiences provide a unique perspective on the evolution of military operations and leadership over three decades.

His debut memoir embodies the heart of a true warrior, exposing the good, bad, and ugly of what it takes to be part of the strongest military force in the world. The book has been recognized with numerous international literary awards including Literary Titan’s Gold Book Award for Nonfiction, the International Impact Award for Military Memoir, and the Fireside Book Award for Military Nonfiction.

This one-on-one interview shares Daniel L. Pinion’s background and experience in writing Chop That * Up! Leadership and Life Lessons Learned While in the Military.

Tell us about Chop That * Up! Leadership and Life Lessons Learned While in the Military.

Chop That * Up! Leadership and Life Lessons Learned while in the Military is a collection of stories experienced throughout my 28 years of military service. Imagine a group of people telling their funniest, their scariest, or their most personal stories ever and that’s what you get with this book.

Transcending traditional war stories, the book blends humor and heartache, offering raw insight into the life of a soldier. In the book, I reveal not only the battlefield’s adrenaline, but also the personal cost of service, including struggles with PTSD and reintegration into civilian life. Whether you have served, are thinking about serving, or know or care about someone who has served, this book will make you laugh, cry, or both.

It’s a powerful testament to the resilience and complexities of military life, making it a must-read for understanding the true sacrifices of those who serve.

What inspired you to write Chop That * Up! Leadership and Life Lessons Learned While in the Military?

Chop that * Up! is my testament of love to the great Soldiers I was honored to meet, know and serve with.

The importance of remembering my Soldiers weighed heavily on me and I was driven by the need to make sure the stories of great Soldiers would be remembered. I deeply miss my previous life, all of it, and all of those in it. I will be forever grateful to and cherish those with whom I had the privilege to serve.

On a personal level, I knew that writing this book would be therapeutic. I continually revisit these memories in my mind as they bring me comfort. As I began to type our stories on my computer, I experienced all of the emotions again—the grief, the laughter, the pain—as if I were reliving each moment. It was both an incredibly hard and joyous experience.

In the end, I knew it was important to share these stories and the important life lessons I learned from them.

What is one message you would like readers to remember?

First, I am blessed to have had the opportunity to serve my country and its way of life. I still choke up listening to our National Anthem, knowing that I truly SERVED our country as a leader and a Soldier.

To my brothers and sisters-in-arms, I consider myself blessed to have served with so many great Soldiers. I love you all and miss the times we had together. Nothing in this world can replace the bond that Soldiers have. The best therapy for veterans is other veterans and I hope this book brings that therapy to you as it did to me.

To the fallen, those I lost…this is the hardest part because for the rest of my life, I will consider myself a failure for not being able to protect you. Clint, Brad, Marquees, and David, I love you and can’t wait to be with you at Fiddler’s Green soon enough. I hope I told your story accurately, with love, compassion and truth. You deserve to have your story told!

To the Families of the fallen, I did my best to save and protect them, and I could not be more deeply and profoundly sorry. May their stories and sacrifice live on forever, through this book, in our hearts and memories forever.

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Chop That * Up! Leadership and Life Lessons Learned While in the Military has received positive reviews from well-renowned literary organizations, authors, and reviewers around the world. Kirkus Reviews writes, “[A] moving account of an eventful, admirable military career.” The book is available for sale on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online bookstores. Readers are encouraged to purchase their copy today: https://www.dpinion.com

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