Global Artwork Solicitation Activity in Yucun Village, China

Anji County, Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, is the birthplace of the important concept of “Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”, the birthplace of China’s beautiful countryside, the first ecological county in China, the world’s capital of bamboo, and the city of UN Habitat Award. Yucun Village is the world’s best tourist village in China. With Yucun Village as the core, the influence radiates to Tianhuangping, Shanchuan, and Shangshu, the three townships. It is a rural linkage area based on the standard of world-class tourist attractions.

This event focuses on Yucun Village, aiming to promote the concept of green development, promote the construction of ecological civilization, revitalize the countryside with art, enrich the ecological and cultural experience scenes of Yucun Village, and help the construction of “high-energy, modern, and international style” Yucun Village.


Guidance Corporation:People’s Government of Anji County

Sponsor: Leadership Group Office of Dayu Village’s Construction   Provincial Tourism Resort Management Committee of Yucun Village

Executive Organizer: Zhejiang Anji Yucun Village Holding Group Co.,Ltd

Perform Corporation: Shanghai Retour Cultural and Creative Co.,Ltd


(i) Participants

Primarily aimed at young artists and public art design enthusiasts worldwide, in the form of individuals or teams.

(ii) Scope of Creation

The scope of the design of this public art work mainly includes Yucun Village area, Yucun Avenue area and Yucun Golden Pastoral area. Contestants need to choose suitable landing and creation points within the delineated range. The specific scope of creation is as follows:

Yucun Village: The scope of this creation includes Tianhuangping Town, Shanchuan Township, and Shangshu Township, with a total area of 235.42 square kilometers.

(iii) Creation Themes

Works should be based on the theory that “Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”, focusing on “low-carbon lifestyle”, “ecological harmony”, “Story of Yu Village”, “Youth in the Village”, and “Future Village”.

(iv) Type of work

The types of solicited works are public art works, including installations, sculptures, landscape sketches, murals, environmental art, etc.

(v) Work specifications

(1)Content required for the design plan

The work design proposal shall include but not be limited to the following:

① Analysis of site status

② Design concept

③ Project placement and layout

④ Rendering of the Work

⑤Material analysis

⑥ Cost Estimation

(2)Design plan submission form

The plan should be submitted in PPT format A3/A4 or AI typesetting A0, and the file format of the submitted work should be converted to PDF format with a unified file name. The specific format is: author name/unit-work name-contact information.

(3) Basic requirements for work design

①The work is ecological and environmentally friendly. The design of the work needs to respect the natural ecological texture of the site, maintain harmonious coexistence with the ecological environment in the selected site, and minimize damage to the original landscape and original components; the selection of materials for the work reflects certain ecological friendliness, sustainability and economic durability.

②The work should be interactive. The work design has functions such as visual interaction, behavioral interaction, and emotional interaction, which can realize public participation and interaction.

③The works are at the forefront of art. The design of the work should reflect the artistic concept with unique insights, conform to and embody the frontier of global art.

3.Award information

1 first prize

(bonus 100,000 yuan, tax included)

2 second prizes

 (bonus 50,000 yuan each, tax included)

3 third prizes

(bonus 30,000 yuan each, tax included)

5 finalist award  winners

 (bonus 10,000 yuan each, including tax)

4.Selection rules

The selection adopts a combination of expert selection and online voting selection to reflect fairness and justice. Scoring is as follows:

(i) Number of online voting votes ÷highest number of votes ×20 = online voting score

(ii) Expert review score ÷ maximum score × 80 = expert review score

(iii) Online voting score + expert selection score = final score of the work

5.Submission rules

The design draft and reference registration form should be sent to the official designated email address: [email protected] (the subject of the email should be marked with “author’s name/unit – work title -contact information”).

Contestants need to submit entries in accordance with the requirements of the ” Submission rules”, and at the same time submit the “Registration Form for Solicitation of Global Public Art Works in Yucun Village, China” (click the QR code to download) and the ” Work Copyright Commitment Document ” (click the QR code to download) code download), any incomplete materials will be disqualified.

6.Rights and Obligations of Participants

(i) Participants shall ensure that all their works are original works. It is strictly forbidden to use high imitation, plagiarism, copying and other works to contribute, and shall not involve the content prohibited by laws and regulations and the scope of confidentiality. Once found, the participation qualification will be cancelled, and all legal responsibilities shall be borne by the participants themselves;

(ii) All authors of award-winning works and authors of works selected for landing are required to provide a three-dimensional model sample, and cooperate with the organizer to promote the follow-up matters of the event;

(iii) If the same submission content comes from different contributors, the submitted work that arrives at the designated receiving mailbox first shall be regarded as the valid work;

(iv) The organizer of the event has the rights of exhibition, filming, video recording, compilation, distribution, information network dissemination, publication and publicity of the submitted works;

(v) All participants are deemed to agree with the above terms. All legal responsibilities shall be borne by the contestants themselves and have nothing to do with the organizer.

7.Contact information

Contact: Ms. Shen

Tel: 13451985986 (WeChat)

8. Registration information

Scan QR code

Download the registration form work copyright commitment document and Site Status Manual

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