Redroad G20 PAD Sweeping Robot with new and upgraded features

Redroad G20 is an intelligent PAD sweeping robot. As an innovative product of Redroad brand, Redroad G20 retains the powerful functions of Redroad G10 all-around sweeping robot such as vacuuming, mopping, cleaning mop, electrolysis water sterilization, etc. It also adds a 10.1-inch intelligent screen, self-collecting dust, mop drying function, and significant upgrades in the aspect of mop lifting, which makes the machine have a more powerful cleaning performance as well as a more comfortable user experience.


Redroad G20 PAD sweeping robot features new upgrades to help users solve the following pain points:

1, the base station added a new intelligent screen, to solve the APP can only manipulate all the intelligent functions of the troubled



Redroad G20 base station has a new 10.1-inch intelligent screen, which can replace the cell phone APP to realize the intelligent function operation such as booking sweeping, dividing the map into forbidden areas, setting the sweeping mode, and pointing to where to sweep.



Pad is more convenient and fast in networking. After connecting wifi, the base station actively transmits the password to the host of the sweeping robot to create a connection, and the pairing can be completed quickly in 3s. There is no need to carry out tedious steps such as downloading APP, registering an account, adding devices, connecting wifi, and pairing APP and sweeper to carry out networking control. It also avoids the trouble of networking failure caused by network mismatch with the sweeper and connecting to 5G network, which are often encountered during the networking process.


Compared with the mobile APP, the 10.1-inch smart screen is larger and more intuitive, and all operations and cleaning status are visualized, which makes it convenient for you to control or understand the information you want to know at any time.

Unlike the cell phone APP, which must be connected to the Internet to control, the Pad allows the sweeping robot to sweep, mop, wash and dry the mop and other operations normally even when it is offline.

It is worth mentioning that Pad is installed on the base station, everyone in the family can make cleaning settings through it, and will not be limited to fixed cell phone APP operation, which is more convenient.

2、The base station adds automatic dust collection and mop drying function.

Compared with the previous generation model Redroad G10, the base station of Redroad G20 has a new function of automatic dust collection and mop drying.

After cleaning, the sweeper will return to the base station and empty the dust box automatically, which effectively solves the problem of frequent cleaning of the dust box, such as trouble and unhygienic.

After the mop self-cleaning is completed, the Redroad G20 base station heating module will blow 60℃ hot air to start drying the wet mop and base station, you can edit the hot air drying time (optional 2/3/4H) through the Pad to prevent bacteria breeding and odor emanating due to moisture.

Redroad G20 All-in-One Base Station also provides mop self-cleaning, electrolysis water sterilization with automatic water replenishment for the main body of the sweeping robot, which makes your cleaning easier and less troublesome.

3. Newly upgraded mop lifting height up to 20mm


Redroad G20 also upgraded the mop lifting function, the lifting height is up to 20mm, 60% higher than ordinary sweeping robots, which can more easily clean the shag carpet below 20mm. When the ultrasonic wave detects the carpet, it will lift the mop in advance and activate the carpet booster mode to automatically increase the suction power, which effectively cleans carpets up to 20mm and prevents wet mopping from wetting or dirtying the carpet. You no longer need to remove the wet mop in advance or clean the carpet twice, you can finish cleaning the floor and carpet in one go, which is very convenient.

On the way back to the wash, Redroad G20 will automatically lift the mop, which effectively avoids the dirty mop directly touching the floor and prevents secondary pollution problems. The mop lifts up during the break point to ensure the mop is clean and the cleaning effect is better.

Redroad G20: Powerful PAD Sweeper

Redroad G20 is a powerful PAD sweeper. It inherits the powerful performance of Redroad G10 all-around sweeper at the same time. Innovative in the base station added 10.1-inch intelligent screen, convenient for users to carry out intelligent control, but also vacuuming, mopping, self-cleaning mop, automatic dust collection, mop drying, automatic water replenishment and mop lifting and other functions into one, while supporting dual-line laser navigation and obstacle avoidance and other functions. It not only greatly improves the user’s intelligent control experience, but also further enhances the cleaning efficiency, bringing users a cleaner and more comfortable cleaning experience.

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