Dawn Publishing Unleashes #ManUp: A Revolutionary Book in Collaboration with Tough To Talk to Tackle Male Suicide Crisis

Dawn Publishing proudly announces the release of #ManUp, a powerful anthology celebrating men and dismantling the negative narratives surrounding masculinity.
In a groundbreaking move against the rising tide of male suicide and mental health stigma, Dawn Publishing proudly announces the release of #ManUp, a powerful anthology celebrating men and dismantling the negative narratives surrounding masculinity. This collaborative effort with Tough To Talk, a leading force in male suicide prevention, aims to create a ripple effect of change by sparking courageous conversations and offering a lifeline of hope.

Tough To Talk, a registered charity in England & Wales, has joined forces with Dawn Publishing to amplify the impact of #ManUp. This collaboration marks a relentless dedication to breaking down the barriers surrounding male mental health and saving lives, one story at a time.

At the heart of Tough To Talk is Steve Whittle, a game-changer in men’s mental health. Steve, an ex-military man, faced his darkest hours battling depression, PTSD, and suicidal thoughts. His personal struggle became the driving force behind Tough To Talk, a charity determined to create safe spaces for men to discuss their struggles openly and without judgment.

Steve’s story is a reflection of the silent battles many men face, their pain hidden behind a mask of normalcy. Tough To Talk is on a mission to dismantle stigma, inspire action, and ignite change in the narrative around male mental health and suicide prevention.

#ManUp brings together 20 journeys of triumph, shedding light on the importance of reclaiming the phrase ‘Man Up.’ These raw, unfiltered stories from men of diverse backgrounds delve into the triumph over mental health pain, trauma, and abuse. The book, available in paperback, hardback, and e-book formats, invites readers to join the movement of breaking the silence and ending the stigma.

Dawn Bates, founder of Dawn Publishing and human rights activist, contributes a crucial introduction to the book, providing insight and understanding into her own journey with men, and how women play an important role when it comes to men’s mental health. This unique blend of personal narratives and professional expertise sets #ManUp apart, making it an unprecedented collection in the realm of men’s mental health literature.

The primary message echoing through #ManUp is one of hope – a lifeline to every man teetering on the edge. The book emphasizes that pain ends, offering a rallying call to hold on during the darkest times. “You’re not alone. We stand with you. We fight with you,” declares the book, reinforcing the idea that resilience and strength can triumph over mental health challenges.

Dawn Publishing and Tough To Talk stand out in the market as vanguards in the fight against male suicide and mental health stigma. Unlike competitors who merely talk, this collaboration is all about action. #ManUp is not just another voice in the crowd; it’s the roar that drowns out the noise, a beacon in the storm.

The overarching goal of this collaboration is to raise awareness of the male suicide crisis by placing #ManUp in the hands of men and women worldwide. The book serves as a tool to break the stigma surrounding men’s mental health issues, offering stories of victory, triumph, and hope.

Proceeds from the book will support Tough To Talk’s mission to reduce male suicide rates, challenge toxic masculinity, and spark cultural change.

Dawn Publishing and Tough To Talk invite everyone to join the movement against male mental health stigma. Through #ManUp, they aim to change the vocabulary surrounding men’s mental health, recognizing that mental health issues are often intertwined with relationship, financial, health, work, and family problems.

Steve Whittle, the creator of Tough To Talk and #ManUp, is not just a speaker but a culture-shifter and a game-changer. His past in the Royal Navy, his current role in marketing, and his lived experience make him a powerful force in rethinking masculinity, reducing male suicide rates, and obliterating the stigma.

The urgent need to change the vocabulary around men’s mental health issues is the central news angle. Men don’t have a mental health problem; they face various challenges that often go unnoticed until it’s too late. By defining the vocabulary, this collaboration aims to prevent the causes of suicide.

#ManUp is more than a book; it’s a movement. Join Dawn Publishing and Tough To Talk in breaking the silence, ending the stigma, and fighting against the male suicide crisis. Hold On, Pain Ends.

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