Womben Wellness Set To Unveil Surprising Health Benefits of Singing in Upcoming Workshop

Singing doesn’t just feel good; it is good for the body, mind, and soul. Uncover the surprising benefits of singing with Womben Wellness.

Womben Wellness is thrilled to reveal more than just the dates of its upcoming 4-Day workshop. Centered around the womb and voice connection, the workshop will unveil three surprising health benefits of singing.

The 4-Day Virtual Workshop, “Womb Work Initiation: Womb and Voice Edition,” will be held from February 28th to March 2nd from 10 AM on Zoom. Each day, attendees will be initiated into womb work, allowing them to harmonize every aspect of their well-being using somatic body-based practices, womb-based education, and community support.

Many people struggle with the popping and clicking of their jaw. And many women quietly dismiss feelings of disconnectedness and tension in their womb and pelvic floor. After working with thousands of women, Womben Wellness has mastered practices to help women heal themselves. Usha Anandi, the founder of Womben Wellness, shares that this exploration of tension in the womb and voice led to the creation of the upcoming Womb Work Initiation. “We have created our Womb Work Initiation: Womb and Voice Edition to teach women how to release tension and revive vitality in their voice and womb.”

The first day of the workshop will lay the foundation for healing through music. The third edition of this offering, beginning February 28th (along with options to view as a replay), will help uncover how tight pelvic floor symptoms, jaw tension, popping, clicking, and feelings of disconnectedness stem from learned ways of dealing with stress. After helping people understand these symptoms, Womben Wellness will begin educating attendees on using the connection between the physical, energetic, embryological, and nervous systems to naturally reduce this stress at the root.

Day Three will dive into practices for holistic healing. From breathwork to medicine songs and slow somatic practices for profound shifts in the nervous systems, the day of embodiment will teach attendees how to release layers of tension and stress by getting out of their minds and into their bodies.

After exploring the womb and voice connection, Day Four ties together the workshop, allowing attendees to receive personalized support from Usha with an intimate question-and-answer session. Usha explains that by the end of the workshop, participants will not only learn to feel physically lighter but walk away with practical body-based techniques they can apply to their daily lives.

The upcoming workshop also offers the perfect opportunity for participants to join a global community of women dedicated to reconnecting with their femininity to heal their relationship with their bodies.

Whether participants are new to womb work, a little womb-curious, or a seasoned practitioner who has studied on this path, the Womb Work Initiation Workshop has something to offer. Discover how to build a deeper connection with the voice and womb day by day – Register now for the Womb Work Initiation Workshop.

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