Global Online Art Exhibition of Wang Xijing, A Famous Chinese Painter (Europe & America)

Opera Characters series

Wang Xijing, born in August 1946 in Xi ‘an, Shaanxi Province, is currently Vice President of Chinese Painting Society, Vice chairman of Shaanxi Provincial Federation of Arts, honorary chairman of Shaanxi Artists Association, Chairman of Shaanxi Provincial Chinese Painting Society, honorary Dean and professor of Art School of Xi ‘an University of Architecture and Technology, and professor of Chinese Art Research Institute, Xi ‘an Jiaotong University, Northwest University, Yunnan University and Xi ‘an Academy of Fine Arts.

And Member of the 12th CPPCC National Committee, deputy of the 9th and 10th National People’s Congress, first-class artist, awarded by The State Council as “National Expert with Outstanding Contributions”, He won the honorable titles of “Pioneer of China Times”, “Top Ten Most Influential New Figures in the Fourth China Reform”, “Red Flag Figure of Shaanxi Province”, “Fine arts Leader of Shaanxi Province”, “Excellent Communist Party Expert of Shaanxi Province”, “Model Worker” and so on.

Take the traditional culture as the type, inject the soul of the drama characters

CAI Yongsheng

As a master of contemporary Chinese painting, Wang Xijing has a clear understanding of the past, present and future, is familiar with the cultural psychology and artistic forms of the East and the West, and is proficient in the techniques and forms of Chinese painting such as ink, line, color and modeling. Now, he is just looking for what kind of carrier to express the cultural and psychological needs of the Chinese people, and link the classical shaping required by art history.

When I saw his new work “Chinese Drama Characters Series”, I was very shocked and praised him for displaying Chinese traditional culture and inheriting humanistic spirit through this medium. After all, he has reached a ripe old age, and still has a strong creative state and energy, which is definitely one of the few in the contemporary Chinese painting world.


This group of “drama characters series”, there are about 40 paintings, through the depiction of a series of roles such as Douerdun, Bao Gong, Dou E, Yang Guifei, Pei Yuanqing and so on, connect the corridor of typical Chinese drama characters, so that the Chinese people can arouse the inner memory of his paintings.

Wang Xijing is exploring the traditional humanistic spirit with this “drama characters series”, taking traditional culture as the type, injecting the soul of the drama characters, which is also the manifestation of the spontaneous awareness of artistic aesthetics hidden in the depths of his soul in his artistic journey. The flourishing artistic gene in the blood of Wang Xijing today has made him a classic work worthy of The Times.


Viewing Wang Xijing’s “drama characters series”, I think there are the following aesthetic characteristics, we should understand.

First, Wang Xijing’s paintings have Oriental charm and poetic aesthetic. Through his brush, ink, line, color and solid modeling, the charm of the characters is vividly expressed, so that different figures are in line with the characteristics and spirit of different times. This is the artistic reshaping of cultural psychology under the reflection of traditional Confucian thought. It is the bloodline inheritance of his innate concern for traditional Chinese culture and art, and the manifestation of the artistic elements contained in his subconscious.

Second, Wang Xijing points out the psychological ecology and facial features of the drama characters, showing the state of life under a specific environment, which is in line with the collective memory of contemporary people. He links the appreciation impulse of drama fans through the medium of painting art and creates another appreciation form for drama fans.


Third, Wang Xijing connects the corridor of traditional Chinese drama culture with dramatic characters, and presents the aesthetic mechanism and concept reshaping of a great artist with vivid characters. He expresses his mission responsibility and innate sense of distress through painting. For this reason, the color of this group of works is gorgeous or simple, and the lines are sharp or concise, all of which reflect a kind of neutral beauty. And the beauty of neutralization is a great realm of Chinese philosophy.

Fourth. Wang Xijing’s “Drama Characters Series” shows the thoughts, emotions, beauty and outlook on life of different characters with a variety of distinct images, revealing the cultural spirit of the Chinese nation, the spirit of the people, the spirit of reality, the spirit of literati, the spirit of historical inheritance and the unique spirit of performing arts. These spirits are the soul of Chinese drama, is an important part of traditional culture, including the Chinese moral values, philosophy, literature and art, religious beliefs, and contain the life and emotions of the Chinese people.


This is the embodiment of Wang Xijing’s mission and responsibility, and also the maturity of his aesthetic psychology. The exploration of traditional culture and the search for the lifeblood of Chinese humanity are in the Chu Ci, Han Fu, Tang poetry, Song Ci, Yuan Qu, Ming and Qing novels, as well as the costumes, architecture, sculpture, painting and music of different dynasties, which have been spread in China since ancient times. These are the most beautiful materials endowed by God on the land of China, which make people no longer boring in the boring life. And how to express them is undoubtedly a proposition and challenge for contemporary artists.

Therefore, today, he uses the wind god of drama characters to shape the typical character image, which is undoubtedly the blood cast of his life, which is in line with his past ancient poetic characters shaped by line and shaped by God, and also has an inseparable relationship with his realism of leaders and people of lofty ideals. Wang Xijing describes the history with dramatic characters, connects the past and the present, and depicts the spirit of traditional Chinese culture, so that the light of art shines on the future and achieves classics.

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