Anti-Diarrhea Intestinal Medicine Bdellovbrio Plus Vitamins B Probiotics Compound Premix For Poultry

Bdellovibrio Plus is an anti-diarrhea intestinal medicine, which compounds vitamins B with probiotics to protect the intestines and regulate the intestinal microecology for poultry.

  • Composition (per kg): Vitamin B1≥2g, Vitamin B2≥3g, Vitamin B6≥5g, Vitamin B12≥10mg, Nicotinic Acid≥25g, Pantothenic Acid Calcium≥10g, Folic acid≥600mg, Biotin≥300mg, Bacillus Subtilis≥109 cfu, Bdellovibrio Phage≥7×109 cfu, Clostridium Butyricum≥2×108 cfu.
  • Package: 500ml/ bottle, 30 bottles/ carton.
  • Storage: Evade the light, store in a cool place.


1. This product is mainly used in avian escherichia coli, salmonella, vibrio cholerae and other pathogenic bacteria cause diarrhea.

2. It can ihibit the bacteria multiplies in the intestine, intestinal microecology regulation, reducing escherichia coli, enteritis, intestinal toxucity risk.

3. The product safety green residue- free, can be used as an opening.

4. According to the course o fapplication of  this product, which can effectively reduce feed conversion ratio and improve poultry daily weight and improve meat quality.


1. Mixed drink: the 500ml water 500L, free for birds drank, 4-5 for a course;

2. For opening baby bird: 5000 birds daily a bottle, drink freely, using 4-5 as a course of  treatment. 


1. Such as a small amount of precipitation is normal, shake evenly when used.

2. Please keep out of reach of children.

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