Big Wine Glasses Announces Two New Glass Designs

Large crystal wine glasses perfect for entertaining, events, and gifts

Big Wine has just announced two new wine glass designs for 2024. The two new glasses will be called the Goliath and Salmanazar respectively. Featured on Good Morning America shortly after launch, Big Wine Glasses’ claim to fame is that they make the highest quality large wine glasses in the industry.

Big Wine is the only brand on the market that leads with the characteristic of size. Other brands focus on the grape, varietal, and region and often make the process of buying a great quality large wine glass far too difficult. Consistent with this theme, each wine glass they offer is named after a different size of wine bottle.

The Goliath and Salmanazar will be available for pre-order by mid-April and will ship in early June. Be one of the first to try one of these new and amazing big wine glasses. Big Wine already offers the Magnum, Imperial, Balthazar, Nebuchadnezzar, Jeroboam, and Demi. Their new approach is disrupting an age-old industry.

Big Wine also offers a growing variety of accessories for wine lovers. One of their most innovative and popular products is their organic wine glass spray soap. Made in Montana, this new, non-artificially scented soap is a game-changer for hand washing wine glasses (or any other glassware). Other accessories available include an all-in-one charcuterie board aa well as wine openers.

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