Konvex (Formerly Wihom) Embarks on a Transformative Journey to Conquer the U.S. Market

Konvex (Formerly Wihom) Embarks on a Transformative Journey to Conquer the U.S. Market

MIAMI, FL – As we delve into the history and triumphs of Konvex (formerly Wihom), a revolutionary software originating in Latin America, CEO and Co-Founder Joan Rodriguez unveils an exciting chapter – the strategic expansion into the U.S. market. This bold move marks a pivotal moment in the company’s journey, solidifying its commitment to providing transformative financial solutions globally.

Joan Rodriguez’s entrepreneurial journey began at university, where he immersed himself in innovation fairs and supported peers as a class assistant on the subject of Innovation and Business Models. This early exposure laid the foundation for his future endeavors and led him to become an associate practitioner in the Innovation area of Enel, a multinational electric utility company. His dedication to incubating ideas and supporting innovative projects propelled him to international recognition, positioning Colombia as the most innovative country within the entire Enel group.

Joan’s journey continued with involvement in ambitious global projects, including an innovative AI-powered robot capable of detecting toxic gases in hydroelectric plants. This impactful project set the stage for his foray into the realms of E-commerce, subscriptions, and financial products. Identifying challenges in reconciliation with ERPs, Joan collaborated with startups, executed successful projects totaling over $2 million, and became a leader in collaborative projects in Colombia.

Driven by the persistent challenge of reconciliation in E-commerce, Joan’s quest led him to co-founder and current CTO, Cristobal Sosa. Together, they founded Wihom, later rebranded as Konvex, with a vision to simplify the reconciliation process. Despite initial hurdles, including securing investment from former bosses and pitching at Parallel18, the software gained momentum. Wihom secured $150,000 in Puerto Rico, attracted key investors, and raised a pre-seed round of $700,000 from VC investors and angels.

Konvex’s impact has been felt across various sectors, showcasing success stories such as seamless integration for a global e-commerce giant, efficient ERP integration for multinational corporations, and aiding startups in rapid growth phases. Notable achievements include onboarding over 70 clients in more than five countries, providing API support to major fintechs with a combined debt coverage exceeding $100 million, and developing the world’s first AI-driven underwriting product based in Latin America.

Joan Rodriguez’s Vision for the Future

As Konvex ventures into the U.S. market, Joan Rodriguez emphasizes the company’s commitment to providing innovative solutions that automate the accounting of future businesses through AI. The journey from university innovation fairs to global entrepreneurship has positioned Konvex as a trailblazer in the financial management sector, with a vision to make accounting processes seamless and efficient for companies worldwide.

About Konvex (formerly Wihom):

Konvex is a reconciliation software for E-commerce and Fintech, founded by Joan Rodriguez and Cristobal Sosa. With operations in more than five countries and a track record of securing investments from prominent accelerators and investors, Konvex aims to revolutionize financial management globally through seamless integration and AI-driven solutions.

For more information, please visit the official website or connect with Joan Rodriguez on social media.

(Written By: Dave Schultz)

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