Dr. Shelly Persad Unveils a Revolutionary Path to Healing with “Somatophobia”

Dr. Shelly Persad Unveils a Revolutionary Path to Healing with "Somatophobia"
“Somatophobia” offers a unique and potent solution: turning inward to bridge the gap between mind and body.
Unlock Your Inner Healer, Overcome Body Fear, and Reconnect with Your Divine Self

Phoenix, AZ – March 4, 2024 – Embark on a transformative journey to wellness and self-discovery by reading Dr. Shelly Persad’s groundbreaking book, “Somatophobia.” This innovative work challenges conventional approaches to healing, addressing the pervasive mind-body split that Dr. Persad identifies as a fundamental barrier to wellness in our times. In an era dominated by stress, disconnection, and chronic fight-flight-freeze responses, “Somatophobia” offers a unique and potent solution: turning inward to bridge the gap between mind and body. Dr. Persad’s book is not just a reading experience but an invitation to embark on a deeply personal and sacred journey to uncover and heal the underlying causes of trauma, stress, and disease. Persad said, “Humanity is stuck in a chronic state of fight-flight-freeze. As a chiropractor, I witnessed this firsthand. I felt this through my hands. I was tired of seeing the same patients repeatedly for the same pain when I knew real healing was possible. If I had also spent thousands of dollars trying it all and still felt stuck, I knew others were feeling the same way. That is why I wrote this book.

“Somatophobia” is more than a book; it’s a movement towards embracing the body as an ally in the healing process. Dr. Shelly Persad invites readers to break free from the cycle of trauma and rediscover their innate capacity for healing, peace, and divine union. Dr. Melissa Caudle’s insightful review of “Somatophobia” illuminates its transformative power with eloquence and depth. She praises the book for its innovative approach to self-healing, highlighting the unique blend of personal empowerment and spiritual enlightenment it offers. Her endorsement underscores the book’s potential to be a pivotal resource for those seeking profound and lasting change in their journey toward wellness and self-discovery.

Key Highlights of the Book

Innovative Approach: Dr. Persad combines her extensive expertise in various healing modalities with the sacred use of cannabis, providing readers with a holistic path to healing and self-realization.

Empowerment: The book empowers readers to become their own healers, shamans, and gurus, advocating self-exploration and inner healing as the keys to overcoming somatophobia—the fear of one’s own body.

Comprehensive Guide: With 660 pages of insightful content, “Somatophobia” is a comprehensive guide for individuals seeking to heal and find peace within themselves, addressing the roots of disembodiment and disconnection.

Product Details


Publisher: Independently Published

Publication Date: February 10, 2024

Language: English

Paperback: 660 pages

ISBN-13: 979-8879009828

Item Weight: 3.07 pounds

Dimensions: 7 x 1.49 x 10 inches


“Somatophobia takes you where you claim or have been led to believe you cannot go. Every page ignites your autonomy to reclaim what is within. What has been internally silenced, abused, suppressed, oppressed, mocked, and abandoned in this lifetime, at a minimum, has been waiting so patiently for this very gift. A gift that gives you life. If you thought you were living, you can think again. If you felt connected and embodied, you can now truly feel again. Thank you for this present that, page by page, continues to reveal and give me ongoing ascension from the depth of depression, anxiety, recoil, shame, guilt, blame, and more. Dr. Shelly – your words have released the shackles and unburdened my heart and soul. Somatophobia has opened its arms and set her free just to be and, therefore, to meet and love the real and true me. Thank you for your courage to birth this book.” – Ilona Holland, Author and Ambassador of Unconditional Love

“Through authenticity, wisdom, and inspiration, Dr. Shelly Persad shares the intimate depths of her own inner journey, a journey that is everyone’s passageway to a state of luminous beingness. You will find a vast universe of support, wisdom, and clarity in this clever, transformative, mystical, and spiritual reading. As a womb’s keeper, the author gives you incredible insight on how to commune as a catalyst for self-healing and introspection; even if you are not considering imbibing with the plant, this book offers you the wisdom that is essential to anyone seeking self-awareness, spiritual growth, and a deeper connection with themselves and the world. “Somatophobia” is a book that encourages us to step back from the outskirts of life and embark on a transformative journey within. Through weaving personal experiences, wisdom from the ancients, and the guidelines of sciences, Dr. Shelly is a guide on remembering your true inner power, your light source. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to all ready to explore their souls’ profound depths. Immense gratitude for your contribution to our world; you are a ‘womb shaman.’ In light!” – Lydie Ometto, Healing Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, and Spiritual Seeker

“This book will change your life! Dr. Shelly has created a method of trauma healing that works. Her writing will guide you on a beautiful journey of befriending and healing your mental, spiritual, and physical pain. If you’re ready for a new level of spiritual growth and release from trauma, this is the book for you.” – Erika Barry

“A masterpiece of self-healing and a must-read for any woman craving safety and communion within. Dr. Persad weaves together ancient wisdom and modern science to guide you beyond trauma and into your natural state of power, joy, and freedom.” – Alexis Pierce, Spiritual Teacher and Author of Everyday Joy

“Somatophobia is a sweet blend of personal story and reality-checks about how society’s challenges and matrix-programs affect our lives…and the magic that lies under it all, dark and light, known and unknown. Our human history is long and laced with contrast, all mapped out beautifully by Dr. Shelly’s raw, direct experience and channeled womb wisdom. An invitation to leave behind assumptions and biases while reading and absorbing the knowledge from an open place. A foray into the subtle body, yoga’s ancient wisdom, the fascial network, the nervous system, and the emotional and trauma body – linking breath and medicine with the physical and energetic bodies. The prayers, incantations, intentions, personal stories, and remembered her-stories are blended with science and anatomy, inviting you to take what works and leave the rest and empowering the reader to create their own special healing system.” – Libba Harmon, Acupuncturist and Medicine Woman

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About the Author

Dr. Shelly Persad is a Chiropractor, Womb Shaman, and Sacred Secretion Guide. As a chiropractor, Dr. Shelly removed interference in the nervous system so that the power that made the body could heal the body. Burnt out watching her patients return with the same pain coupled with her burnout in her own healing journey. As a Womb Shaman, she guides women in reclaiming their power, awakening their inner healer, and rebirthing themselves into their authentic, higher selves. Living in divine union with her husband Kumar, they guide souls in Somatic Plant Medicine Ceremonies and Retreats.

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