Uveitis Market to Witness Upsurge in Growth at a CAGR of 4.8% During the Study Period (2019-2032), Assesses DelveInsight

Uveitis Market to Witness Upsurge in Growth at a CAGR of 4.8% During the Study Period (2019-2032), Assesses DelveInsight

DelveInsight’s Uveitis Market Insights report includes a comprehensive understanding of current treatment practices, uveitis emerging drugs, market share of individual therapies, and current and forecasted market size from 2019 to 2032, segmented into 7MM [the United States, the EU-4 (Italy, Spain, France, and Germany), the United Kingdom, and Japan].


Key Takeaways from the Uveitis Market Report

  • As per DelveInsight analysis, the uveitis market size in the 7MM was approximately USD 1.4 billion in 2022.
  • According to the assessment done by DelveInsight, the estimated total diagnosed prevalent uveitis cases in the 7MM were approximately 1 million in 2022. 
  • Leading uveitis companies such as Tarsier Pharma, Oculis Pharma, Roche, Eli Lilly and Company, Acelyrin, Affibody Medical, Eyevensys, Priovant Therapeutics, Inc, Santen Inc., ABIONYX Pharma, OKYO Pharma, and others are developing novel uveitis drugs that can be available in the uveitis market in the coming years.
  • The promising uveitis therapies in the pipeline include TRS01, OCS-02 (licaminlimab), RG6179, Baricitinib, Izokibep, EYS606, Brepocitinib, OCS-01, Sirolimus (DE-109), CER 001, OK 101, and others.


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Uveitis Overview

Uveitis refers to a wide range of inflammatory ocular disorders. The National Cancer Institute defines uveitis as a rare condition in which all or part of the uvea (middle layer of the eye wall) becomes inflamed. The uvea comprises the choroid, the ciliary body, and the iris. Uveitis can also affect the lens, retina, optic nerve, and vitreous humor. It can be caused by an injury, infection, eye tumor, or an autoimmune or inflammatory disorder. One or both eyes may be impacted.


Uveitis Epidemiology Segmentation

  • Total Uveitis Diagnosed Prevalent Cases
  • Uveitis Type-specific Diagnosed Prevalent Cases
  • Uveitis Diagnosed Prevalent Cases by Anatomical Location
  • Uveitis Etiology-specific Diagnosed Prevalent Cases
  • Total Diagnosed Prevalent Cases of Macular Edema Associated With Uveitis


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Uveitis Treatment Market 

Current uveitis treatment options include oral corticosteroids, corticosteroid eye drops, and immunosuppressants such as Azathioprine, Cyclosporine, and Methotrexate. Immunosuppressive drugs are given orally in combination with prednisolone to treat chronic uveitis and reduce the incidence of second eye involvement. They have been effective in treating chronic uveitis in people with eye illnesses. Azathioprine has been shown to treat uveitis associated with Behcet illness effectively. Nonsteroidal immunosuppressant cyclosporine medications are used as a second-line uveitis treatment. Methotrexates are used to treat uveitis associated with juvenile idiopathic arthritis.


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Uveitis Pipeline Therapies and Key Companies

  • TRS01: Tarsier Pharma
  • OCS-02 (licaminlimab): Oculis Pharma
  • RG6179: Roche
  • Baricitinib: Eli Lilly and Company
  • Izokibep: Acelyrin/Affibody Medical
  • EYS606: Eyevensys
  • Brepocitinib: Priovant Therapeutics, Inc.
  • OCS-01: Oculis Pharma
  • Sirolimus (DE-109): Santen Inc.
  • CER 001: ABIONYX Pharma
  • OK 101: OKYO Pharma


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Uveitis Market Dynamics

The uveitis market dynamics are anticipated to change in the coming years due to increasing awareness, improved diagnosis, and rising diagnosed prevalent population. Recently, new medications with varied modes of action and delivery routes have been approved, enhancing the therapy regimen and boosting the uveitis market. In addition, companies can use the knowledge gained from recent developments in understanding the etiologies of uveitis to explore medicines with novel targets. Moreover, advances in disease nomenclature for classification, clinical trials, medication delivery systems, multimodality diagnostic imaging, and laboratory testing utilizing “omics” technology have all contributed to a better understanding of illness pathophysiology. Furthermore, biomarker identification and proteomics give possible targets for therapeutic intervention by available and accessible medications and information concerning pharmaceuticals that should be avoided.


Scope of the Uveitis Market Report

  • Therapeutic Assessment: Uveitis current marketed and emerging therapies
  • Uveitis Market Dynamics: Attribute Analysis of Emerging Uveitis Drugs 
  • Competitive Intelligence Analysis: SWOT analysis and Market entry strategies
  • Unmet Needs, KOL’s views, Analyst’s views, Uveitis Market Access and Reimbursement


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Table of Contents

1. Key Insights

2. Report Introduction

3. Uveitis Market Overview at a Glance

4. Methodology of Uveitis Epidemiology and Market

5. Executive Summary of Uveitis

6. Key Events

7. Disease Background and Overview of Uveitis

8. Patient Journey

9. Epidemiology and Patient Population

10. Marketed Drugs

11. Emerging Drugs

12. Uveitis: Market Analysis

13. Key Opinion Leaders’ Views

14. SWOT Analysis

15. Unmet Needs

16. Market Access and Reimbursement

17. Appendix

18. DelveInsight Capabilities

19. Disclaimer

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