Forbes Korea 2024 Selects Jeonghyeon kim, CEO of RebuilderAI, for Pioneering 3D Vision AI Technology

In an era where technology seamlessly blends with creativity, Forbes Korea’s 2024 edition of the “30 Under 30” list highlights a notable figure transforming the landscape of content creation through the fusion of AI and 3D technology. RebuilderAI’s CEO, Jeong

hyeon kim, has been recognized for pioneering a new paradigm in content production that simplifies the creation of 3D content, making it accessible to a broader audience.

RebuilderAI(Service: VRIN 3D,, led by CEO Jeonghyeon kim, is pioneering the democratization of 3D content creation, making it accessible to anyone with a smartphone without the need for specialized equipment or studios. This innovative technology allows users to easily and quickly generate 3D content, a feat that was previously limited to the  experts in the field. “We are enabling easier access and utilization of 3D content by converting 2D images to 3D, as well as  tools for editing and managing them to people,” Kim stated.

In its second year since inception in 2023, RebuilderAI has been recognized for its outstanding technology in the 3D AI sector in Korea, securing approximately 3.2 billion won in R&D funding from government agencies. That same year, it was selected by Samsung for acceleration in the Samsung C-LAB program and received investment from Naver, leading to significant advancements in the e-commerce sector by converting various products into 3D for AR/VR applications.

At CES 2024, RebuilderAI showcased a futuristic shopping metaverse in collaboration with Lotte Caliverse, allowing users worldwide to easily and quickly bring products from diverse brands into the metaverse space using RebuilderAI’s AI scanning technology. This technological innovation, coupled with numerous awards, underscores the company’s excellence. From its early days, RebuilderAI attracted investments from notable entities such as D2SF, Naver’s investment arm  and KB Kookmin Bank, one of Korea’s largest banks. Other company from which RebuilderAI received the fund includes Innox, validating its robust technology and business potential. Moreover, RebuilderAI has been recognized with the CES 2024 Innovation Award and the 2024 ASIA DESIGN PRIZE, among other accolades, showcasing its technological prowess on both domestic and international stages.

The co-founders of RebuilderAI are comprised of talents with fine research experience at KAIST, one of Korea’s leading science and technology universities. Up until 2023, the company focused on developing the easiest-to-use AI solution for creating 3D content. In 2024, RebuilderAI plans to develop solutions for easy utilization and management of created 3D models, with integration with key platforms for next-generation XR content such as Unity, Unreal, Blender, MetaVR, and Apple’s Vision Pro.

CEO Jeong hyeon kim envisions RebuilderAI growing into a key AI startup company and be at the forefront of 3D content sector, not only in Korea but also across Asia and beyond, collaborating with global corporations to accelerate the future of interactive 3D experiences. The innovation driven by RebuilderAI and Mr. Kim’s leadership transcends technological advancement, fundamentally changing how people create and communicate with 3D content, making the future endeavors of RebuilderAI and Kim highly promising in the industry.

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