Digibuy: User centric e-commerce powered by Web 3

In the current digital age, there’s a growing demand for solutions that prioritize users and their needs, especially within the highly competitive e-commerce sector. Platforms are faced with the challenge of balancing user demand and price sensitivity with the needs of merchants. Often, platforms tend to focus on one at the expense of the other, leading to various challenges such as a lack of loyalty among consumers who are only offered low prices, or dissatisfaction among users when too much emphasis is placed on merchant needs.


Moreover, traditional e-commerce platforms primarily focus on the buying and selling aspect, overlooking the potential benefits of fostering community and integrating gamification. Additionally, the increasing importance of cashbacks—a trend that began in emerging market countries and has been adopted by major credit card companies—represents a significant shift in consumer expectations. The success of the first cashback-focused Web3 platform highlighted the potential for integrating cashbacks into e-commerce in a meaningful way.

In response to these observations, we initiated the development of DigiBuy, an e-commerce platform that aims to offer competitive pricing while implementing an extensive cashback structure. DigiBuy differentiates itself by incorporating significant community and gamification elements, ensuring that both users and merchants are integral to the cashback economy, with merchants also benefiting from this model.

Our approach was informed by our team’s extensive experience in building and scaling Web2 e-commerce solutions. We developed a comprehensive economic model that includes points, credits, and our proprietary token BAC. This model rewards users with points for every purchase, which can then be utilized in various ways, such as exchanging them for credits redeemable for actual products, or staking cashback points to generate BAC, thereby enhancing its utility within our ecosystem.

To foster user retention and loyalty, we integrated gamification and community features, encouraging daily app engagement and rewarding user participation. Additionally, we engaged with numerous merchants to identify and address pain points, introducing a multi-level ranking system that allows them to become stakeholders in our platform and actively benefit from the cashback system.

As we enter our go-live phase after months of relentless development, we are excited to announce the release of our app. We invite users and merchants alike to explore DigiBuy and experience firsthand the benefits of our innovative approach to e-commerce. For more information, please visit our documentation and website.

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