World-Renowned Interiors Therapist And Feng Shui Expert Set To Visit Washington DC

An expert interiors therapist is coming to Washington DC to help people in the city transform their homes so they can live happier, healthier and wealthier lives.

Suzanne Roynon is based in the UK and has built a reputation around the world for helping people reorganise their homes to help them achieve their goals in life. Her knowledge and skills in both Feng Shui and interiors therapy have seen her become a guest expert for media outlets including the BBC, Homes & Gardens, Woman & Home and Architectural Digest.

In April, she will be giving people in the city a rare opportunity to work with her in person. The bestselling author of Welcome Home: how stuff makes or breaks your relationship believes most people are living alongside items which bring toxicity into their lives without realizing.

Suzanne says: “There is a lot of emotional baggage attached to objects which can have a major detrimental impact on the subconscious mind, causing stress, sadness and grief. A lot of people have possession they are keeping out of habit, fear, guilt, confusion or even spite.

“When I work with a client, we look at the emotional response to certain things – do they take them back to unhappy situations in the past? Interiors therapy is so much more than simply decluttering – I help people understand what is around them and the impact it is having on their lives. 

“I also spend time finding out what my client’s goals are so we can bring their home into a harmonious balance with Feng Shui to create the livestyle they want for themselves.”

Suzanne will be in the city from April 23 to 28, offering advice on how people can change their surroundings to improve their lives, whether it is advancing their career, securing a promotion, finding love, increasing their wealth, improving health, or simply feeling happier in their home. 

She has been practicing Feng Shui for 35 years but over the last six years, she has developed her own unique interiors therapy process, which uses the principles of Compass Feng Shui along with her own methods and techniques.

Suzanne says: “Every home can benefit from interiors therapy – it is the world’s best kept secret. Ultimately, it is about feeling happier, healthier and welcoming success.

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Her book Welcome Home: how stuff makes or breaks your relationship is available from Amazon now. 

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