Third Degree Assault Lawyer Russ Kofman Addresses Legal Concerns in New Article on Assault Charges in New York

Third Degree Assault Lawyer Russ Kofman Addresses Legal Concerns in New Article on Assault Charges in New York

Third degree assault lawyer Russ Kofman has recently published an informative article detailing the intricacies of assault charges in New York, specifically third degree assault. The piece provides crucial insights for individuals who find themselves facing such allegations and underscores the importance of professional legal counsel in these challenging situations.

In the article, third degree assault lawyer Russ Kofman of Lebedin Kofman LLP discusses the two main elements that constitute assault in the third degree: the intent to cause physical harm and the actual causation of injury or “substantial pain” to another person. Kofman explains that if physical harm is not achieved, the charge may be attempted assault in the third degree, which still carries significant legal consequences.

Third degree assault lawyer Kofman emphasizes the gravity of these charges, stating, “The penalties for assault or attempted assault in the third degree can have a profound effect on every aspect of your life.” He points out that even an unsuccessful attempt at causing harm can result in attempted assault charges. “For instance, swinging at someone and missing is sufficient for such charges to be brought against an individual,” Kofman adds.

The article also outlines the penalties associated with attempted third-degree assault, a Class B misdemeanor in New York. According to Kofman, a conviction can lead to a 90-day jail term, a fine of up to $500, and a criminal record, which can have long-lasting negative repercussions on one’s personal and professional reputation.

Moreover, third degree assault lawyer Russ Kofman addresses potential additional charges in cases involving domestic violence and the complexities of having assault convictions expunged from one’s record in New York. He highlights the stringent requirements and the lengthy duration—10 years post-sentence—before expungement can be considered.

Lebedin Kofman LLP provides an array of defenses for those accused of assault, taking into account factors such as the intent behind the actions and the severity of the alleged victim’s injuries. The firm’s approach involves meticulous review of medical records and a strategic legal response that aligns with the nuances of New York Penal Law.

Kofman’s article serves as a reminder of the critical need for experienced legal assistance when facing assault charges. “Protecting your rights and freedom is paramount, and that begins with selecting the right legal team to navigate the complexities of your case,” Kofman asserts.

For individuals accused of assault or attempted assault in the third degree, the article advises acting swiftly to secure legal representation. The firm of Lebedin Kofman LLP, with its team of seasoned New York defense attorneys, stands ready to provide a robust defense strategy and personalized legal support for their clients.

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Lebedin Kofman LLP is a law firm dedicated to the defense of those accused of a wide array of criminal charges in New York. With a strong focus on assault cases, the firm’s attorneys are well-versed in New York Penal Law, and they strive to ensure the rights and freedoms of their clients are vigorously defended. The firm’s commitment to providing attentive and personalized legal representation has consistently resulted in favorable outcomes for their clients.


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