Blast Off with Sparkles: A Supernova’s Dream Takes Flight

Blast Off with Sparkles: A Supernova's Dream Takes Flight

Calling all aspiring astronauts and future dreamers! Buckle up because “Sparkles: A SuperNova’s Dream Comes True” by Rose M. Barnett is taking flight, ready to whisk young readers on an unforgettable cosmic adventure filled with music, laughter, and valuable lessons.

Meet Sparkles, a regular star with an extraordinary dream – he longs to become a supernova, the brightest star in the whole night sky! Unlike his happy-go-lucky neighbors who twinkle contentedly, Sparkles yearns to share his inner light with the entire universe. However, his journey to achieve his celestial dream is not easy.  Sparkles’ journey of becoming a supernova is filled with challenges, twists, and turns that will test his limits.

Along the way, Sparkles needs to be determined to overcome challenges, be confident and resilient, and, of course, have faith in his abilities to shine bright. Not to mention the hard work and focus he demonstrates throughout the story. Moreover, along with various themes and an inspiring story, the book comes with original songs that you can sing along during the story to make reading time even more engaging and educational. The catchy tunes and uplifting lyrics not only make the story more enjoyable but also help children to learn about crucial aspects for easily.

With vibrant illustrations by Joshua Carter, Jack Wilson, and Chris King, every page of “Sparkles” comes alive with dazzling colors and stunning visuals. These beautiful illustrations not only transport young readers on a journey through the cosmos but also enlighten their imagination and their curiosity about space exploration and the wonders of the universe.

To sum it up. “Sparkles: A SuperNova’s Dream Comes True” is a treasure chest for both parents and children. It’s a springboard for discussions about dreams, perseverance, and the power of believing in yourself. ‘Sparkles’ will inspire you to reach for the stars and embrace your potential to achieve your dreams.

“Sparkles: A SuperNova’s Dream Comes True” is perfect for:

  • Little space explorers aged 3-9
  • Parents looking for fun and educational read-aloud experiences
  • Teachers seeking creative and interactive tools to spark imagination in the classroom
  • Anyone who believes in the power of dreams and the importance of reaching for the stars

So, grab your copy of “Sparkles: A SuperNova’s Dream Comes True” and join Sparkles on his exciting adventure! Remember, just like Sparkles, every one of you has the potential to shine brightly and achieve your dreams!

About the author:

Rose M. Barnett is a native of Richmond, VA, who relocated to Jacksonville, FL. Her lifelong dream of publishing a book came true with Sparkles. Now, she hopes you will enjoy the fruit of her labors. Rose is married to Mike Barnett. They have three adult children, Allen, Joe and Amy, and five grandchildren, Tyler, Mackayla, Zac, Julia and Jayden. Sparkles was written, and the author spent years working with artists to capture him. It was Joshua Carter who made the first acceptable rendering. Now you can enjoy the finished product.

Visit Sparkles’ website to learn more, and enjoy the pictures and music.  Also, Sparkles – A SuperNova’s Dream Comes True is available on Amazon for individual book purchases,

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