Milestone in the Artificial Intelligence Industry – AIXtreme announces IPO to enter Nasdaq

AIXtreme Ltd., a pioneering entity in the realm of artificial intelligence, proudly declared its submission of a prospectus to Nasdaq for final audit before IPO to enter Nasdaq. This significant move signifies a crucial stride for AIXtreme towards establishing its presence on the global financial stage of Nasdaq. The listing not only signifies a landmark achievement but also serves as a poignant demonstration of how artificial intelligence can revolutionize cryptocurrency trading, ushering in a new era. AITAEX, the flagship project of AIXtreme, is poised to make a breakthrough in the global financial market, marking the advent of an era characterized by AI at its core and deep integration of technology and finance.

Since its inception in 2021, AIXtreme has rapidly emerged as a prominent player in cryptocurrency trading platforms, owing to its profound research and application of AI technology. AITAEX, its groundbreaking project, has garnered a substantial user base worldwide. Its sophisticated AI quantitative trading robot offers users an unparalleled, safe, efficient, and intelligent trading experience.

Technological Advancement: Enhancing AI Computing Power

In a bid to bolster its leading position in the AI domain, AITAEX announced the acquisition of 10,000 additional NVIDIA A100 chips, elevating its AI computing power to 15,000. This feat not only amplifies AITAEX’s capability to process intricate algorithms and big data but also furnishes unparalleled computing support for its quantitative trading system. In an interview, the Chief Technology Officer of AITAEX remarked, “This marks a pivotal step towards empowering cryptocurrency trading with AI. Its aim is to furnish users with a more efficient and secure trading experience through relentless technological innovation.”

Enhanced User Experience: Platform Upgrade and Introduction of Automated Quantitative Trading

With a substantial enhancement in AI computing power, AITAEX has undertaken a comprehensive upgrade of its platform, notably introducing a new automatic quantitative trading function. This revolutionary step significantly streamlines the transaction process, enabling all users to effortlessly leverage transaction services empowered by advanced AI technology. This, in turn, optimizes user experience, enhances transaction efficiency, and augments profit potential.

Market Impact: Surging User Base and Quantified Total Amount

As of March 2, 2024, the total number of users in the AITAEX Russian region has surged to 1,813,548, registering a remarkable growth of 154% compared to January 28. Simultaneously, the total quantified amount has reached 23,156,484,615 USDT, underscoring AITAEX’s robust market appeal and its status as a leading trading platform.

Technological Exploration: Progress in the AI Public Chain Project AIXTREME

In the realm of technological exploration, the steady progress of the AIXTREME project epitomizes AITAEX’s deep-seated exploration and innovation in AI technology. Through the AIXTREME public chain, numerous ecological projects based on AI technology will be incubated, including decentralized finance (DeFi), metaverse (Meta), centralized physical infrastructure network (Depin), among others. These innovative services will substantially enrich AITAEX’s business scope while offering a more diversified suite of AI-driven services to global users. The success of the AIXTREME project is poised to propel AITAEX into a new phase of integration of AI technology and blockchain markets, injecting vigor into the company’s long-term development in the global market.

Capital Markets: Completion of Series C Financing and IPO to enter Nasdaq

AITAEX has successfully concluded its Series C financing, securing a financing amount of US$3 billion and reaching a valuation of US$30 billion. This milestone, coupled with the impending IPO to enter Nasdaq, marks a watershed moment in the company’s developmental trajectory and signifies a landmark event for the cryptocurrency exchange industry’s foray into the mainstream financial market. The IPO to enter Nasdaq is poised to garner extensive attention and financial backing from global investors, thereby enhancing the company’s brand influence and market competitiveness. Post-listing, AITAEX intends to utilize the newly acquired funds to fortify its technology research and development, expand its market reach, and bolster compliance infrastructure, ensuring sustained and stable growth amidst a rapidly evolving market landscape. Furthermore, AITAEX is committed to fulfilling its social responsibilities as a listed entity, fostering the healthy development of the global cryptocurrency market by providing transparent, equitable, and secure trading services.

Looking Ahead: AITAEX Embarks on an Innovative Journey with Global Investors

AITAEX is poised to embark on its IPO to enter Nasdaq. People firmly believe that with the continued advancement and optimization of AI technology, AITAEX will spearhead a technological revolution in cryptocurrency trading, offering users more efficient, transparent, and secure trading solutions. Through the application of AI technology, AITAEX aims to deliver precise market analysis, robust risk control, and strategic investment insights, empowering investors to realize steady profits amidst a dynamic market landscape.

As AITAEX sets its sights on Nasdaq, people anticipate broader market access and enhanced industry stature and influence. The listing of AITAEX signifies a pivotal moment in the developmental trajectory of cryptocurrency trading platforms, affirming their recognition by the global capital market and heralding broader development prospects.

People eagerly anticipate collaborating with global investors to foster the healthy and sustainable growth of cryptocurrency exchanges and the broader cryptocurrency industry. AITAEX remains committed to exploration and innovation, embracing a spirit of open collaboration to unlock new possibilities with global partners, thereby jointly constructing a more transparent, equitable, and intelligent cryptocurrency trading ecosystem. In this era replete with opportunities and challenges, AITAEX remains steadfast in its commitment to industry leadership, delivering superior services to global users, and generating greater value for investors.

As AITAEX prepares for its IPO to enter Nasdaq, global investors are invited to partake in this innovative journey of merging technology and finance. People firmly believe that the successful listing of AITAEX will herald a new era in cryptocurrency trading, enabling global investors to reap the dividends of technological progress.

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