The Power of Native Advanced Level Chinese: Motherly Notes Goes Beyond Introductory Programs

Groundbreaking native level online live Chinese classes that are fun, engaging that are perfect for children of all ages

Over the past decade, the interest in learning Chinese has witnessed a significant upsurge across the globe. As the popularity of learning Chinese continues to soar, many individuals are faced with the decision of whether to start with an introductory program or dive straight into native advanced level Chinese. While introductory programs have their merits, there are compelling reasons why opting for native advanced level Chinese from the beginning can be a more advantageous approach.

Immersion in Authentic Language and Culture

By engaging with native speakers and consuming native-level content, learners are exposed to genuine pronunciation, idiomatic expressions, and cultural nuances. This immersive experience enables a deeper understanding of language and enhances overall proficiency.

Accelerated Learning Curve

While introductory programs serve a purpose in introducing basic vocabulary and grammar, they often progress at a slower pace. By skipping these initial stages and diving into native advanced level Chinese, learners can accelerate their language acquisition. Native-level materials challenge learners to grasp complex sentence structures, specialized vocabulary, and colloquialisms, resulting in a more rapid development of fluency and comprehension skills.

Authentic Communication Skills

By starting with native level Chinese, learners are exposed to real-life conversational situations and learn to express themselves with confidence. They develop an instinctive understanding of cultural contexts, proper intonation, and appropriate language use.

Deeper Cultural Insight

Language and culture are intricately linked. By diving into native advanced level Chinese, learners gain a deeper understanding of Chinese culture, history, and social customs. Native-level materials often incorporate literature, movies, news articles, and contemporary issues, providing learners with a broader perspective on the Chinese-speaking world.

At the forefront of this language revolution is Motherly Note’s (MN) Online Chinese Program, which has grown tenfold in the last three years. MN’s program utilizes native text and literature from Taiwan, has a library of over 15,000 books, and has classes from art, literature, history, science, speech, cooking, and even pop culture classes. It is the first program to break through the status quo and start children in a language program that takes advanced Chinese and makes learning Chinese fun, interactive, and effective. Students are aged from five to sixteen, taking class based on level. Convivial online classes are taken by most on a daily basis. MN understands today’s flexibility needs so all classes are online, live, and with recordings provided straight on their platform. Students from all over the world take classes and make friends in different countries thereby providing cultural synergy. It’s a native advanced Chinese program that’s focused on being global, open, and effective.

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Motherly Notes founder, Julie Liu, graduated from University of California, Berkeley has an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Education from University of Pennsylvania. She decided to end her investments career as portfolio manager to focus on educating her children and creating Motherly Notes Chinese.

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