Combat Excess Humidity and Musty Odors With Humydry

Humydry offers a wide range of products specialized for controlling excess moisture in the home and fighting unpleasant odors. Moisture can cause numerous problems, and Humydry provides versatile solutions crafted from environmentally sustainable materials.

Humydry is a European company specializing in moisture absorption and odor-neutralization products. Many people may not know how dampness can negatively impact their home and health, but Humydry provides education in addition to practical, environmentally friendly solutions. 

“Our dehumidifier products control humidity and the problems it generates,” Humydry founders said. “They contain a granulated absorber that is very effective in removing moisture from the environment throughout the house.”

How Does Excessive Humidity Impact Home and Health?

An average household of four can produce up to 12 liters of water daily. Showering, cooking, and even simply breathing can create moisture. A humidity level over 50 percent can cause problems such as condensation, mold, corrosion, stains, and unpleasant, musty odors. Excessive humidity can be challenging to catch because there are often no visible signs until it’s already become a problem. 

—  Excess moisture can cause or contribute to numerous health problems, such as asthma, allergies, and other respiratory conditions. 

—  Damp environments can spread mold spores, which can harm health and cause stains on multiple parts of the home. 

—  Humidity also promotes the spread of mites and fungi, often giving rise to unhealthy conditions.

—  Moisture can adversely affect a home in many ways, including peeling paint, damp clothing, and rotting furniture. 

Humydry products absorb excess atmospheric moisture until reaching the recommended relative humidity level of 50-60 percent. The company uses calcium chloride granules that become more compact as they absorb moisture. When saturated, the liquid collected from the air begins dripping into the bottom tray. With a wide variety of products, Humydry can prevent and solve problems caused by excessive humidity in closets, basements, bathrooms, garages, kitchens, or anywhere in the house with too much moisture.

Easy, Effective, and Economical

Humydry products are refillable, with refills lasting between one and three months. Simply drain the collected liquid and add a new Humydry refill. Enjoy a pleasant home environment with the optimum humidity level, improving air quality and reducing the side effects of health conditions worsened by excessive moisture. The company’s products are affordable and require no electricity while helping reduce energy costs and repair expenses. 

Solutions for Dampness and Condensation Issues

Humydry products are inexpensive, refillable, and work without electricity. The company’s versatile line of moisture control products protects against damage to the home and the health of its occupants.

Humydry and its parent company, Humex, are family businesses dedicated to responsible environmental policy. The company renovated its production plant to increase efficiency and works with a network of suppliers that shares its commitment to sustainability. The company continuously strives to improve processes, reduce waste, and use recycled materials and packaging. 

“We strive to constantly improve production, prevent waste, and eliminate environmental pollution,” Humydry representatives said. 

Humydry Available Worldwide

Humydry is a popular product available at tens of thousands of locations in more than 50 countries worldwide. Customers can also purchase Humydry products online at Amazon and Walmart, as well as local supermarkets and stores.

Tips and Benefits with the Humydry Blog

Humydry also offers a blog on its website containing tips and benefits on controlling moisture issues and creating a better home environment. Learn more about how humidity can impact a person’s home, health, and valuables—and how to protect what matters most. The blog shares detailed information about moisture-absorbing granules and how Humydry products work, as well as tips for recognizing humidity problems and storing various items safely.  

“The most common types of humidity that can affect your home are seepage, when you have a problem with the insulation in your home’s walls or ceiling, and condensation, the result of excess ambient humidity,” Humydry representatives advised. 


Visit the Humydry website to learn more about the company’s versatile selection of air-freshening and moisture-controlling products. Reach out on Facebook or Instagram to connect with the brand through social media. 

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