What are freeze-dried vegetables? and Advantages of freeze-dried vegetables

In today’s modern life, the need for healthy eating and convenience seems to pose a challenge. However, the advent of freeze-dried vegetables is the perfect solution to this challenge. Through freeze-drying technology, not only effectively retains the rich nutrients in vegetables, but also allows its original flavor to be completely retained in the freezing process, becoming a good product to meet the health trend. As a leading manufacturer of freeze-dryers, we understand people’s desire for healthy food and convenience. This innovative food processing technology brings the perfect combination of health and convenience to the modern lifestyle, allowing you to enjoy delicious and healthy.

Principle of freeze-drying technology:

The working principle of the vegetable freeze-drying machine is to use the principle of sublimation, according to the characteristics of the three-phase state of water “liquid, solid and gas” in different temperatures and vacuum states. Through the refrigeration system of the vegetable freeze-drying machine, the water-containing vegetables are frozen into a solid state at a low temperature, and then the vacuum pump system of the freeze-drying machine forms a vacuum environment, and the solid ice is dried directly into a gas 90% of the displacement water, and then enter the analytical drying need to remove the remaining 10% or so of the bound water, because the molecular force of the bound water is relatively strong, so the vegetable freeze-drying opportunity to provide more heat sublimation to remove the bound water, and obtain the vegetable freeze-dried food with water content in 2-5%. The working principle of the vegetable freeze-drying machine is to remove water through the principle of sublimation in three working stages to obtain freeze-dried vegetables with very little water.

Advantages of freeze-dried vegetables:

The original nutrients of vegetables are almost free from any damage after freeze-drying, preserving the original color, aroma, taste, nutrients and the appearance of the original material, and has good rehydration, and does not contain any additives, which can effectively retain the nutrients of vegetables. Freeze-dried vegetables are rapidly frozen fruits and vegetables under ultra-low temperature conditions, convenient to eat the season of fruits and vegetables all year round, freeze-dried vegetables can make daily life more convenient, freeze-dried vegetables are conducive to storage, easy to carry, easy to eat.

1, conducive to storage: because the water has been removed by freezing during the freeze-drying process of vegetables, freeze-dried vegetables can be stored for a long time, pay attention to the preservation of light in a sealed storage bag.

2, easy to carry: vegetables after freeze-dried, will be smaller than fresh vegetables, light weight, into the jar or bag is very convenient to carry, when the field trip, you can carry the appropriate amount of freeze-dried vegetables, in order to supplement dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals.

3, easy to eat: freeze-dried vegetables rehydration is very good, when eating freeze-dried vegetables soaked in water, you can restore the original taste in a short time, very convenient and simple.

Process for freeze-dried vegetables:

The vegetable freeze-drying process mainly includes: vegetable pre-treatment → freeze-drying → post-drying treatment.

Among them, the pre-treatment of vegetables includes: vegetable selection, disinfection and cleaning, decontamination, cutting, blanching, draining, seasoning and loading. Blanching and seasoning process according to the user’s product needs to choose whether to carry out the process. For example, ready-to-eat freeze-dried okra and pumpkin need blanching process, while freeze-dried corn kernels do not need blanching process.

The freeze-drying step is to transfer the vegetables into the drying bin of the freeze-drying machine equipment for vacuum freeze-drying. The freeze-drying process includes pre-freezing, sublimation drying and desorption drying of vegetables.

After drying, the vegetables are picked, packaged, sealed and stored in the warehouse. Pay attention to moisture.

Using vacuum freeze-drying technology to remove more than 95% of the water in vegetables, keep the original nutrients unchanged, and light weight, just moisture-proof packaging can be stored for a long time, not subject to seasonal and regional restrictions, anytime and anywhere can be eaten and carried.

Choice of a healthy lifestyle

Freeze-dried vegetables are ideal for a healthy lifestyle because they not only provide the rich nutrients of fresh vegetables, but also add great convenience to your daily life. With a busy family life, adding these freeze-dried vegetables to your cooking is a smart choice. Whether as part of a soup or a great addition to a stew or casserole, you can easily throw in these vegetables, eliminating tedious cleaning, cutting and preparation time. In addition, for lovers of outdoor activities, such as travel, camping or camping, these freeze-dried vegetables are an indispensable companion. They are lightweight and portable, do not require refrigeration, and provide you with the nutrients of fresh vegetables, so that you can enjoy the wonderful journey outdoors without sacrificing your health. This way, you’ll have more time to enjoy and cook good food, put your energy into the things you love, and make health and convenience an integral part of your lifeIf you are interested in freeze-dried vegetables or have any questions, please feel free to contact us. As a professional manufacturer of freeze dryers, we offer a wide range of products, including Home use freeze dryer, Laboratory type freeze dryer, pilot freeze dryer and production freeze dryer. Whether you need equipment for home use or larger scale industrial equipment, we can provide you with the highest quality products and services.

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