Malaria with cutting-edge cold chain technology

Haier Biomedical has been a key contributor to the world’s public health endeavors with its superior cold chain technology in the historic fight against malaria in humankind. On January 22, 2024, the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) announced a milestone: Cameroon became one of the first countries to incorporate the RTS,S malaria vaccine into its national routine immunization program, marking a significant step in combating the continent’s deadliest disease with this new tool. Behind this achievement lies the collective effort of international partners, including Haier Biomedical.

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Facing the severe challenges of scarce electricity facilities and incomplete infrastructure in Africa, especially in the hot and remote areas of Cameroon, the safety of vaccine storage and transportation has become particularly prominent in the process of advancing the universal vaccination against malaria. At this critical moment, Haier Biomedical, in cooperation with the United Nations CCEOP project, has provided Cameroon with solar-powered vaccine refrigerators HTC-110 and HTC-120, specially designed for remote areas in Africa, offering solutions tailored to local conditions. These high-efficiency and energy-saving devices, with solar direct drive technology and microelectronic temperature control systems, ensure constant low-temperature storage of vaccines under extreme conditions. They can maintain a temperature of 8°C for up to five days even in the absence of electricity, greatly ensuring the quality, safety, and efficacy of the vaccines.

During the worldwide battle against epidemics, Haier Biomedical actively contributed to the AU CDC project by supplying several solar-powered HTC-120 and HTCD-160 vaccine refrigerators. This support has significantly boosted vaccination rates in African countries and fortified their public health defences. With successful endeavours in initiatives like the Cameroon CCEOP project and the African Union CDC project, Haier Biomedical is solidifying its pivotal position in the global medical sector. The company’s dedication to overcoming the “last mile” challenge ensures that vaccines reach those most in need safely and efficiently, furthering their impact on public health worldwide.

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