Dr Wippit Goes Introspective with New Ambient Pop and Soul Singles Out Now

Dr Wippit Goes Introspective with New Ambient Pop and Soul Singles Out Now
Dive into the Depths of Emotion with ‘Never Again’ and ‘Nothing In Kerry’ – A New Musical Journey by Dr Wippit

Dr Wippit, the versatile musician known for his eclectic range spanning from hard rock to hip-hop, announces a captivating divergence into ambient pop and soul with the release of two mesmerizing love ballads. The singles, titled “Never Again” and “Nothing In Kerry,” mark a significant departure from Dr Wippit’s previous works, delving into introspective themes and embracing new sonic landscapes.

“Never Again” showcases Dr Wippit’s collaboration prowess, featuring a stunning string arrangement that elevates the emotional depth of the track. Recorded with meticulous attention to detail, the song captures the essence of heartfelt longing and reflection, inviting listeners into a world of intimate introspection.

In “Nothing In Kerry,” Dr Wippit transports his audience to Nashville, where the track was meticulously crafted with the addition of accordion and harmonica, creating a rich tapestry of sound. With his signature vocals and guitar prowess, Dr Wippit navigates through poignant lyrics, weaving a narrative of love and longing against a backdrop of soulful melodies.

Reflecting on his musical journey, Dr Wippit expresses his excitement for exploring new sounds and styles. “Each song dictates its own unique identity, guiding me to experiment with different atmospheres and arrangements,” he shares.

Listeners can immerse themselves in the ethereal sounds of Dr Wippit’s latest singles by visiting his website here. The singles are also available for streaming and download on major platforms.

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Dr Wippit emerged on the Chicago music scene as a guitarist and vocalist for the punk/metal band Chronic Jaywalker in the early ’90s. Over the years, he has ventured into various musical endeavors, exploring genres ranging from psychedelic rap/rock to punk rock and ska. With a passion for experimentation and a commitment to authenticity, Dr Wippit continues to captivate audiences with his diverse musical expressions.


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