213-PERMITS Establishes Collaborative Partnership with Renowned Experts to Elevate Construction and Design Solutions in Los Angeles County and Beyond

In a significant move towards providing enhanced construction and design solutions, 213-PERMITS is excited to announce a strategic collaboration with respected industry professionals: Majd Mniarji, P.E., President-Project Engineer at Damascene Structural Engineering, Inc., and the esteemed architectural firm Audicho Group. This collaboration signifies the beginning of a promising alliance aimed at delivering tailored solutions for homeowners and contractors in Los Angeles County, with aspirations for expansion throughout the state.

Fostering Innovation: A Collaborative Endeavor 

The collaboration between 213-PERMITS and the esteemed professionals, Majd Mniarji P.E. and Audicho Group, represents a shared commitment to innovation in construction and design. Together, they aim to bring a fresh perspective to the complexities of building projects, ensuring a personalized and efficient experience for clients.

Holistic Services Tailored to Your Needs 

While 213-PERMITS is relatively new to the industry, the partnership with Majd Mniarji P.E. and Audicho Group brings a wealth of experience. They are dedicated to offering a diverse range of services beyond ADUs and garage conversions, including residential remodels and commercial projects. The alliance is well-positioned to provide comprehensive solutions, catering to a broad spectrum of construction needs.

Guiding Your Project from Inception to Reality 

Clients can expect seamless project management, with all partners fully licensed, bonded, and insured. The collaboration is designed to support clients throughout the entire project lifecycle – from conceptualization and permitting to execution and completion.

Aspirations for a Collaborative Future 

The vision of 213-PERMITS, in partnership with Majd Mniarji P.E. and Audicho Group, is to make a meaningful contribution to the construction and design landscape. This partnership is not just about projects; it’s about forging lasting relationships, creating inspiring spaces, and setting new standards in the industry.

Quotes from the Partners: 

Majd Mniarji, P.E., President-Project Engineer at Damascene Structural Engineering, Inc.: “We are enthusiastic about the collaborative potential with 213-PERMITS. Together, our goal is to bring a unique blend of innovation and expertise to construction projects, tailored to each client’s vision.”

Audicho Group: “This partnership reflects our shared values and commitment to delivering excellence. We look forward to positively contributing to the construction and design narrative in Los Angeles County and beyond.”

About 213-PERMITS

213-PERMITS, though relatively new, is dedicated to providing client-centric solutions in building permits, construction, and design. The collaboration with Majd Mniarji P.E. and Audicho Group signifies a humble yet ambitious approach to creating impactful and innovative spaces.

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