Small Steps, Big Impact: Dr. Dana Berryhill’s Blueprint for Healthcare Leader Well-being

A game-changing book offering simple strategies to overcome burnout and rediscover purpose in hospital leadership.

Burnout among healthcare professionals, particularly leaders, is an escalating concern. Dr. Dana Berryhill, a seasoned Pharmacy Director, has released her book, “Burned Out Boss: 25 Simple Strategies for Hospital Leaders to Rediscover Purpose and Joy” to offer insights into this pressing issue.

Released in January 2024, Burned Out Boss provides a thoughtful compilation of strategies designed to guide supervisors, managers, directors, and executive leadership on their healing journey. The book is not only an easy read but also a valuable resource packed with actionable tips to help leaders rediscover their purpose and passion in the challenging healthcare landscape.

One of the key themes in the book is the importance of self-care. Dr. Berryhill argues that leaders often neglect their well-being in the pursuit of organizational success. She provides advice on how they can prioritize their mental and physical health, emphasizing the ripple effect that self-care can have on their teams and the overall workplace culture.

Dr. Berryhill explores the role of leadership in creating a supportive and healthy work environment and offers strategies for fostering open communication, building a culture of trust, and promoting work-life balance. Beyond destigmatizing burnout, the book challenges traditional notions of leadership and instead advocates for a more holistic and human-centered approach.

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