Kristin Leest Debuts “Meet Me with Pawsitivity,” a Comprehensive Dog Training Guide, Alongside Her Innovative Pet Supplement Company, Pawsitivity, LLC.

Leest provides pet parents with a comprehensive approach to training and pet care, demonstrating her unwavering dedication to the well-being of dogs everywhere.

April 05, 2024 – Kristin Leest, the innovative mind behind Pawsitivity, LLC, a cutting-edge Natural Pet Supplement Company located in Charleston, South Carolina, is embarking on an exciting new venture with the release of her recently published book, “Meet Me with Pawsitivity: A Comprehensive Guide to Effective Dog Training Through Positive Reinforcement.” Drawing from her extensive expertise in dog training and pet nutritional health, Leest’s book aims to empower pet parents and streamline the training process at home, from basic obedience to advanced skills.

With a keen understanding of the challenges faced by pet owners, especially those new to pet parenthood seeking guidance on teaching essential skills to their puppies, Leest’s book “Meet Me with Pawsitivity” offers a straightforward solution. Each chapter is thoughtfully crafted to provide pet parents with easy-to-follow instructions for basic commands like sit, heel, and place, along with comprehensive guides on crate training and potty training for new pets.

At the heart of Leest’s expertise lies her commitment to breeding, raising, and training exceptional standard poodles. These dogs often transition into roles as support animals, competitors in American Kennel Club events, or cherished family companions. Leveraging this wealth of experience, Leest’s book offers a comprehensive approach to training dogs of any age or skill level using positive reinforcement.

Pet parents can select from a range of skills covered in the book, including basic obedience, good manners, moderate to advanced skills, agility training, and assistance with behavioral issues such as anxiety and aggression. What distinguishes Leest’s approach is her emphasis on positive reinforcement and overall health and wellness for all dogs. Visitors to her website gain access to a wealth of resources on dog training and health, extending to support for pet parents’ well-being too. Through her personalized platform, Leest provides a holistic health and wellness journey for pets, offering access to additional books, online training programs, blogs, natural nutritional supplements, and support for pet parents.

Having experienced firsthand the challenges of pet care as a dedicated pet parent, Leest empathizes with the struggles faced by others. The frustration of balancing training a new pet, the costs of personal trainers, and maintaining a healthy diet while navigating a plethora of options can be overwhelming. It was this empathy that fueled her mission to develop an easily accessible dog training guide, an online training program for parents, and a new line of nutritional supplements tailored to pets’ needs, ultimately realizing her goal of providing a comprehensive solution to dog training and health.

Recognizing the needs of working families for efficient solutions with quick, tangible results in dog training and improving their pets’ health, Leest rose to the challenge. She understands the importance of affordability, accessibility, and efficacy in these resources, leading to the creation of “Meet Me with Pawsitivity.” This book is available for purchase online, offering a valuable resource for pet owners everywhere.

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Kristin Leest, a distinguished authority in canine expertise, empowers pet owners with comprehensive knowledge ranging from training techniques to dietary considerations, making a profound impact on the lives of pets and their devoted owners through her unwavering commitment to pet health and wellness.

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