Alfa Cytology Introduces Molecular Biology Services for TME Research

Alfa Cytology has announced its molecular biology services for TME research.

New York, USA – April 5, 2024 – Alfa Cytology, a specialized biotechnology company headquartered in the United States, focusing on tumor microenvironment (TME), has announced its molecular biology services for TME research. The launch of the service indicates that the company is developing towards precision and depth in TME research.

TME refers to the surrounding environment of tumor cells, which feed the latter as normal cells, molecules, and blood vessels. They make an influence on each other closely. Analyzing the biological components in TME helps to detect harmful substances in cells as early as possible, facilitating early detection, diagnosis, and treatment. Molecular biology tools offer valuable insights into gene expression patterns, protein profiles, genetic alterations, epigenetic modifications, and functional properties of key molecules within the TME. By employing techniques such as next-generation sequencing (NGS), single-cell sequencing, quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR), and DNA methylation profiling, researchers can uncover key molecular mechanisms driving TME dysregulation.

Studying the cellular components of the TME can be essential. Alfa Cytology provides services for the analysis of cellular components in TME, such as analysis of gene mutations, signaling pathways, and molecular targets in TME. To analyze specific cellular components from different perspectives based on the various needs of customers, Alfa Cytology’s services can be customized and expected to become a reliable method for testing adverse components in tumors to promote progress in biotechnology.

“We are all striving to conduct research on tumor microenvironment from multiple dimensions, laying a solid foundation for providing diverse and high standard services, and eager to achieve innovative exploration in TME.” said the Director of Marketing Department of Alfa Cytology. “Our team is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of cancer research and finding new ways to understand and treat tumors. By collaborating with top scientists and utilizing cutting-edge technology, we hope to make a real difference in the fight against cancer.”

In addition to TME solutions, Alfa Cytology is also engaged in breast cancer (BC) research to help clients predict breast cancer with high precision and successfully develop BC diagnostic biomarkers through breast cancer diagnostic development services (e.g. miRNA biomarkers for breast cancer diagnostics and protein biomarkers for breast cancer diagnostics). Due to the difficulty of manual analysis in breast cancer detection, the results of AI analysis are expected to help improve BC diagnostic accuracy and avoid unnecessary errors.

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Alfa Cytology, an integrated biotechnology company headquartered in the United States, focuses on tumor microenvironment research and breast cancer preclinical study. The company strives to continuously provide a comprehensive technology portfolio with in-house technologies, which is an important prerequisite for continued growth.

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