Motivity: Revolutionizing Developmental and ABA Therapy Through Premier Technology and Support

As the leading intervention management platform, Motivity commits to elevating the efficiency and effectiveness of applied behavior analysis and developmental therapies with its advanced electronic data collection system.

In an era where technology’s role in enhancing therapeutic outcomes is undeniable, Motivity stands out as the premier intervention management platform for applied behavior analysis (ABA) and developmental therapies. With a commitment to growth and innovation, Motivity offers a solution that not only meets the current needs of enterprise companies but anticipates future challenges. The platform’s electronic data collection system has garnered widespread acclaim for its ability to streamline operations, reduce stress among clinicians, and significantly improve patient care outcomes.

Motivity’s efficacy is further highlighted by its transformative impact on the Applied Behavior Center for Autism, which transitioned to Motivity after facing inefficiencies and staff dissatisfaction with their previous system. The switch has reclaimed over 5,000 hours annually, allowing staff to focus on providing exceptional care rather than dealing with software issues. “Before Motivity, we were bogged down by software glitches. Now, we’re saving thousands of dollars annually and boosting staff morale, all while delivering better care,” says Kyle Quinn, President of ABC for Autism.

Capitalizing on its commitment to technological innovation and collaboration, Motivity announced the addition of three new integration partners, amplifying its position as a frontrunner in the intervention management domain. These integration partnerships with AlohaABA, Lumary, TherapyPMS, and Calmanac, underscore Motivity’s dedication to providing a bespoke, best-in-class service that meets the needs of the ABA, speech, and occupational therapy (OT) markets. Motivity and its partners are united in their mission to provide intuitive and efficient solutions for enterprise organizations, therapy practices, and small schools. 

Each integration partner brings a distinct set of advantages to the table, ensuring that whether an organization is a specialized school, small clinic, or a large enterprise, there is a solution tailored to their specific requirements. The integration with AlohaABA and Calmanac, for example, offers two-way real-time synchronization of critical data, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and clinical effectiveness. Lumary integrates seamlessly with Motivity, leveraging the world’s leading CRM to streamline enterprise healthcare workflows, while TherapyPMS addresses the multidisciplinary needs of therapy practices, enriching the Motivity ecosystem with its comprehensive billing and administrative solutions. This strategic expansion not only fortifies Motivity’s suite of offerings but also solidifies its reputation for excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction in the evolving landscape of therapeutic interventions.

The platform’s success is built on its robust features, including real-time data synchronization, flexible personalization to meet the unique needs of each client, and a scalable system that adapts to rapid industry changes. By significantly reducing wasted hours and elevating job satisfaction, Motivity not only optimizes operational efficiency but also enhances the therapeutic journey for learners and therapists alike. 

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About Motivity:

Motivity is the foremost intervention management platform for applied behavior analysis and developmental therapies. Leveraging advanced electronic data collection, Motivity provides a scalable, flexible solution designed to meet the diverse needs of its users. By focusing on innovation, support, and client growth, Motivity ensures that enterprise companies have access to the best tools for enhancing therapy outcomes. For more information, visit

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