Gratitude Lodge Explains The Effectiveness of Rehab

Gratitude Lodge wants to educate people on the effectiveness of rehab. Knowing the factors of a successful rehabilitation program can help educate people on what to look for when exploring treatment options.

People tend to measure the success of rehabilitation based on sobriety. However, recovery from substance use disorder is an ongoing process that can result in relapse. While relapses are something to take seriously and seek help for, they are a common roadblock in someone’s journey to long-term sobriety. Just because someone relapsed doesn’t mean treatment has failed. Rehab can work for many people struggling with addictions, especially with the use of evidence-based treatment modalities and a targeted plan that includes aftercare.

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There are several indicators that dictate the effectiveness of rehab like:

–  decrease in the use of substances
–  improved employability
–  enhanced interpersonal relationships
–  improved mental health
–  reduced criminal activity

Success varies from person to person. Rehabilitation is a personal journey and outcomes differ based on the individual’s circumstances. Extended treatment may be needed if the expected outcomes are not met. There are also various factors that can influence the effectiveness of a rehab program like an individual’s commitment, duration of treatment, aftercare, relational support, dual diagnosis treatment, accessibility, and continuity of care.

Treatment is about addressing not only one’s substance use disorder, but the psychological aspect as well. Oftentimes when someone is struggling with substance use disorder, there is an underlying mental health condition. Structured treatment programs, like various therapies, Medicated-Assisted Treatment, and skill-building sessions help prevent relapse by equipping an individual with proper coping skills.

Gratitude Lodge is a drug and alcohol rehab in Orange County, including addiction treatment centers in Newport Beach and Long Beach. It offers various evidence-based treatment methods with an expert staff, offering a supportive and peaceful environment to treat addiction. Gratitude Lodge works to ensure that all clients get the help they need and deserve to fight back against addiction and live a healthy lifestyle filled with gratitude, helping them appreciate each and every day.

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