Revolutionizes Import Compliance with Unique CBP and PGA Integration

The new platform streamlines the import documentation process with innovative software solutions., a leading SaaS program, announces a groundbreaking development in the import industry. Designed by Customs Brokers, aims to simplify import compliance by providing comprehensive CBP (U.S. Customs and Border Protection) core document requirements linked to HTS (Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States) numbers.

In a landscape where import regulations are constantly evolving, businesses face significant challenges in ensuring compliance with government agencies like CBP and other Partner Government Agencies (PGA). acknowledges these complexities and addresses them by consolidating CBP requirements with PGAs for importers.

“This is the only program that consolidates CBP with PGA for importers,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “Our platform was born out of the frustration caused by the lack of clarity and frequent delays in compliance. We recognized the need for a user-friendly solution that empowers importers and customs brokers to navigate the intricate web of import regulations effortlessly.”

Navigating the customs process often feels like charting uncharted waters. Each shipment presents unique challenges and compliance requirements. Importers and customs brokers regularly encounter questions regarding necessary documents and corresponding HTS numbers, leading to confusion and delays.

Recognizing these pain points, the team behind embarked on a mission to revolutionize import compliance. Drawing upon their extensive experience and expertise, they developed a sophisticated database that seamlessly maps HTS numbers to the required documents, integrating CBP and PGA requirements into a single platform.

The launch of the compliance program signifies a new era of efficiency and transparency, according to the company. With this innovative solution, importers and customs brokers gain access to a comprehensive list of required documents by simply inputting the HTS number. This streamlined process eliminates confusion and ensures seamless compliance.’s innovative approach to import compliance promises to transform the way businesses navigate regulatory requirements. empowers importers to achieve seamless compliance while focusing on their core business operations by providing a centralized platform that combines CBP and PGA documentation.

The response from users has been positive across the board.

Todd, a CHB Branch Manager, recently said in a five-star review, “As a customs broker manager, now my team knows what docs are needed before entry filing, making entries easier to complete.”

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