Nanjing Street Zoo Makes Debut, Spreading Warmth to the City

Starting from March 30, the “Nanjing Street Zoo” has made its debut in core areas such as Yunzhang Palace, Heizan Alley, Gongjian Alley, and Jinshajing in the Confucius Temple business district of Qinhuai District, Nanjing Wanda Plaza. Nearly 20 “animal neighbors” have descended upon the streets and alleys of the southern city with their exclusive “business cards,” extending heartfelt invitations to Nanjing citizens in a natural and sincere manner.


An Aerial View of the “Nanjing Street Zoo”

This event, directed by the Qinhuai District Commercial Bureau of Nanjing City, is jointly launched by Nanjing Wanda Plaza and Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo. Centered around the theme of “My Animal Neighbor: A Public Welfare Initiative for Urban Sustainability Exploration,” the initiative starts from Nanjing Wanda Plaza and features the landing of animal-themed murals along the core areas of the Confucius Temple business district in Qinhuai District. This endeavor aims to create an “ecological corridor” in the city center.

Scene Presentation

“Animal Neighbor” Wild Boar

“Seeing wild animals in the city makes me feel very close to nature,” said Ma Ke from Russia, a graduate student of economics and management at Southeastern University. We should welcome and support more such public welfare activities.


Ma Ke took a photo with the “animals” on the street.


“Animal Neighbor” Black Kite

This urban sustainability exploration initiative, jointly launched by multiple sectors including culture, commerce, and tourism, represents a fresh approach where both the government and the market are actively involved. It integrates various native animals from Nanjing into the city’s streets and alleys through the expression of contemporary art, thereby allowing citizens and tourists to not only appreciate the charm of Nanjing but also prompting them to contemplate the significance of ESG practices in the city’s development process.

Many citizens interviewed expressed that the concept of a “street zoo” and the opportunity to get up close with their favorite “animal celebrities” in this manner were both novel and entertaining. As part of this event, Nanjing Wanda Plaza also initiated surprise activities such as distributing limited-edition souvenirs to a lucky thousand and stamp-collecting checkpoints featuring four hand-drawn stamps.

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