2024 Marches towards the new, DF battery creates and enjoys the future for new energy vehicles

During this year’s National Two Sessions, “new productivity” became a hot word. In our country, the new energy automobile industry can be said to be the representative of new productivity. Integrating a variety of transformative technologies, especially the “three power” systems of batteries, motors, and electronic control, the “dual intelligence” technology of smart driving, smart cockpits , and charging infrastructure , has enhanced the competitiveness and profitability of the industry. ability. As a global export-quality battery brand , DF Storage Battery supports the new energy vehicle industry with better products and contributes to the high-quality development of China’s economy.

The essence of new productivity is innovation-driven, which greatly improves production processes and product quality, and drives new social needs with new technologies and new products. In the context of the great leap forward development of new energy vehicles, DF Battery has developed the DEV series of new energy low-voltage auxiliary batteries specifically for new energy vehicles.

As we all know, low-voltage auxiliary batteries are essential batteries for new energy vehicles . They are not only the switch that turns on the power battery, but also meet the power needs of on-board electronic systems and safety functions . Traditional fuel vehicles rely on the engine to charge the battery, while pure electric vehicles use an on-board DC/DC converter to convert the high-voltage direct current from the power battery pack into low-voltage direct current for charging. How to better solve the problems of low-voltage auxiliary batteries losing power due to low DC-DC conversion charging voltage, as well as difficulties in charging recovery and short lifespan after deep discharge of batteries, etc. DF brand continues to carry out technological exploration, in terms of battery charging acceptance performance and low temperature environment. Breakthrough innovations have been achieved in terms of charging efficiency and other aspects.

After professional testing, the low-voltage charging performance of the DF DEV series new energy low-voltage auxiliary batteries and the low-temperature charging recovery ability of the battery have been greatly improved. The charging time during use is shorter, ensuring the cruising range of the high-voltage lithium battery. At the same time, its deep discharge recovery capability is greatly improved , it can support power supply for a variety of electrical appliances and greater dark current consumption, and the battery life is also longer. The DF DEV series new energy low-voltage auxiliary battery series has 5 models, which can cover mainstream new energy vehicle models on the market.

DF Lead-acid Battery

Due to their high safety performance, strong temperature stability, low cost, and complete recycling and reuse system, lead-acid batteries are still the mainstream of low-voltage auxiliary batteries for new energy vehicles. The new technologies that DF brand continues to emerge and apply in depth have given new vitality to traditional products. In the field of lithium batteries, the strength of the DF brand cannot be underestimated. In the future, DF low-voltage auxiliary batteries will add more models to expand the market with richer products and provide sufficient starting power for various new energy vehicles.


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