Safrax Chlorine Dioxide Revolutionizes the Post-Harvest Banana Industry

Safrax Chlorine Dioxide Revolutionizes the Post-Harvest Banana Industry
Chlorine dioxide products for pre-wash, post-harvest wash, storage, and transportation, ensure bananas arrive in market-ready condition

MIAMI – April 10, 2024 – Safrax, the leader in chlorine dioxide tablets for use in agriculture, hygiene, and water safety, today announced that its products are enabling a transformation of the banana industry in its post-harvest processes. Safrax chlorine dioxide tablets for banana processing preserve the quality and freshness of bananas during transportation, reducing the chance for significant economic loss.

Safrax chlorine dioxide is safe and environmentally friendly for food applications and leaves no harmful residues. The company addresses the challenges of controlling mold and other various pathogens during long-distance shipping. The resulting post-harvest treatment preserves the integrity and freshness of banana imports until produce reaches its destination.

The company pioneered and today continues to hold a patent for ready-to-use chlorine dioxide tablets. Its innovative technology provides the ability for users to generate chlorine dioxide wherever necessary, offering complete flexibility. In addition, Safrax can be used as a chlorine dioxide solution to disinfect containers and pallets before loading products.

According to Steve Dan, Founder of Safrax, “I invite you to discover how Safrax chlorine dioxide can be a game changer in your operations. We have your back in providing exceptional benefits for businesses, communities, and the environment. The result is that treated bananas maintain their aesthetic appeal, free from damage and undesirable marks.”


Dan continued, “We are thrilled that Safrax Chlorine Dioxide is helping the post-harvest banana industry. The products we offer are the most effective and offer benefits, proven to preserve the integrity of banana imports. Safrax is committed to sustainability and environmental safety for growers and shippers.”

Safrax chlorine dioxide is the best option on the market for:

• Elimination of bacteria

• Elimination of viruses

• Elimination of algae

• Elimination of fungi and other molds

• Control of biofilm

• Elimination of unpleasant odors

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Safrax is a leading provider of innovative agricultural solutions, specializing in products that enhance the quality, safety, and sustainability of the food supply chain. With a focus on research and development, Safrax is committed to delivering innovative solutions that address the challenges faced by today’s agricultural industry.

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